How to Detect Hidden Water Leaks in Your Home

Water is what we rely on to live. It is the most important mineral to survive. But sometimes there is a huge water loss in our house. We are using water in everyday life for washing clothes, cleaning homes, utensils, cooking, and drinking. Worst case scenario could be huge water leakage in our house without even our concern. Water leakage is the biggest source of losing water. Sometimes leakage water can cause massive damage to your house. Modern interior piping is made using sophistication and we won’t even know when and where is leakage inside the house. You can prevent your house from a massive disaster if you find the possible location of water leakage. Many companies make sure in case if you have a Water Damage Garden Grove you can make a phone call and call the plumber to fix it but sometimes the leakage could be severe. You can save money and from any massive damage to your house if you find the leakage at an early stage. Here is how you can detect a water leakage at your home.

Check Water Meter

The way possible way is the check your water meter to detect any kind of water leak in your house. You can switch off all your water appliances and check the meter for any water usage. It might not seem to happen quickly you need to wait to check if your water meter is rising even after all the water appliances are closed they you may have a water leakage at your home you need to call a plumber or whoever build your house because they will know about your house piping. The leakage could be anywhere and you won’t even know so it would be the best idea to call a plumber so they could check and investigate your water piping connections.

Check Your Monthly Bill

Another possible way to check your water leakage is your bill. If you feel like your water bill is rising every month even when you using less water, then the possibility could be a water leakage at your home. Compare your bill with the previous month to check your usage and if there is an extra water bill then you should definitely call a plumber to investigate. You won’t know where the leakage is but using your monthly water bill you can detect if you are paying extra money for not consuming the extra water so where does the water go. Always contact a professional plumber because the leakage could be underground which might be hard to detect.

Check Your Usage

You are using water for specific reasons and you will know your usage well than anyone else. Keeping a check on your water usage will make it easy for you to detect if there is any extra usage in the house without even your concern. On average a normal household user will use not more than 10,000 gallons per month. If the usage is more than that there could a possible leakage in your home which you might not even know. Contact a plumber near you so they could check and inspect if there is any kind of water leakage. 

Check Exterior Usage

Sometimes the leakage is not inside your home but could be outside your home. If you have a garden with sprinkles, then it could be possible that it might get a leak. Check out your water damage garden grove if there is any. If there is any minor leak in your pipe or sprinklers it could waste a lot of water. You need to keep a check on your garden for any kind of water leakage. If there is any they immediately call a plumber to fix it. Sometimes we don’t see leakage or even ignore it but later it can cause major damage.

Detect Using Food Color

Toilet flush consumes more than 25-30% of our daily water consumption. It is crucial to keep a check on your toilet flush if there is any kind of leak in the flush system. Using food color, you can detect water leakage in your toilet. Use a pinch of food color in your toilet tank and wait for some time if you see color in your toilet bowl then there is a chance of water leakage from your toilet when not even in use. It will keep draining water until you fix it. We all flush our toilet more than 10 times a day and it is obvious that the flush could get damaged and the water could leak.

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Saving water is very important and when we have water leakage without even our concern there is a lot of wastage of water. Keeping a check on the water usage is a must and if there is a leak you need to immediately contact a plumber or your house builder who knows about your piping structure. But as a matter of concern, you always need to keep a check on your water usage and minimize the use as much as possible. Water is our basic need and saving a small amount could be beneficial in the future. Every year many buildings and houses have to face severe damage due to water leakage and can leave cracks on the wall. To protect your house from any such kind of damage always be aware of the water leakage system and fix your water appliances to prevent it from any kind of water damage.

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