How to Make the Most of Your Instagram Account

New social media applications pop up all the time, but Instagram remains a must-have and one of the most used apps in today’s world. The platform supports an environment of sharing, tagging, commenting, and liking. Instagram’s core users navigate the app seamlessly; however, it is not as traditional as marketing on Twitter or Facebook.

The visual appeal of Instagram is unlike other social media platforms. Images and videos drive engagement to your Instagram account, which helps you promote your Instagram profile even further. However, getting users to engage with your Instagram isn’t as easy as uploading sufficient content. Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000, you can still make the most of your Instagram account. Follow these tips for boosting your account’s visibility:

1. Be Consistent

A big part of generating social media audience is by posting consistently. Followers don’t like it when their feed gets blown up with ten photos in one day, and then they do not see another post from you for the next couple of days. The most effective way to have a successful Instagram account is to have consistency both in quantity as well as quality. It’s a better idea to upload one or two great photos a day with appropriate hashtags than ten average photos with weak hashtags.

2. Post Live Videos and Stories

Ever since Instagram launched its photo sharing network, it has expanded beyond just photos. Various new features like stories, videos, and live videos enable users to create different types of content to engage their users and grow their audience. Now, the average engagement for videos is increasing faster than the average engagement for photos. Starting a broadcast video has become as simple as tapping the button to create a new story, then swiping right to the live option and tapping the start live video button. Your followers will get a notification telling them that you’re broadcasting, and you can choose whether you want to enable comments or not.

3. Use Hashtags

The simplest way to turn other Instagram users into followers is by using hashtags. Hashtags enable users with common interests to find each other and view each other’s posts. Unlike Facebook, the more hashtags, the better it is for your account. Each picture you post should consist of eleven hashtags or more. However, you need to ensure that the tags are related to the photo. Always remember to keep hashtags in your caption concise and relevant.

4. Cross-Post

Instagram allows you to link your Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, and Tumblr accounts and post directly from the app. After enabling cross-posting, you will not be required to post to each platform separately. However, you might want to edit the number of hashtags depending on the platform you’re posting to. The best thing about cross-posting is that it makes it easier to be active on social media without putting too many efforts. Active social media accounts tend to be more famous because audience like to receive a regular stream of content and updates, especially if your account is a reputable brand. A lack of social activity can lead to a loss of engagement and also an eventual decrease in subscriber rate.

5. Get a Good Internet Connection

Nothing gives Instagram users more satisfaction than fast internet speed. Since more and more users are indulging in live video streaming, it has become indispensable to have a good internet connection. The benefits of having a super fast speed internet connection aren’t limited to live video streaming, but it also quickens the uploading and scrolling speed. If you are looking forward to getting broadband services in Delhi, blindly go for ACT Fibernet as it offers the most reliable internet speed suitable for all sorts of users.

It has been observed that super active Instagram accounts multiply and gain more audience. By regularly posting content, you can not only reach more people but also expand your online presence and drive traffic to your page.