What are the most important Online Marketplace features to look for

The scene of digital commerce is the one learning that retailers must grab in the years 2020 and 2021. Statista report says that people of almost two billion purchase items online, especially after a pandemic hits the entire world. When the demands of consumers grow, online shopping volumes also grow. If you want to meet customers and cater to the various needs of the shopper, then the driving factor is ecommerce. It is an important strategy for all the different brands and even expands to various categories to fulfil the customer’s and business needs. 

If you are an Event & Ticket Booking App Development Company and want to start with an online marketplace, then there are certain features that you must consider. These features are relevant to your business to bring out the best in the customers. With these features, the ecommerce platforms will increase their game, and the retailers will get all the help.

  • Seller portal user friendliness– to attract the sellers to create an account on the online marketplace is to give them the best new catalogue experience with the insertion of the products and even to organize the orders. It is because of the feature which will offer the system of the solid order and its management. The clients can track the product status and even get track of the sales volume. 
  • System of order management– Sellers take the help of OMS to manage all the orders even though there is a sales channel with the help of a single source. The interface is easy to use and interactive. The sellers will have the power to check the status for a perfect moment when the customer places an end and deliver to the given address. With OMS, one can maintain the inventory for a better experience, and one will get the ecommerce website better exposure. It is even optimized to fulfil and even deliver the saving money. 
  • Seller onboarding– seller onboarding can become a hassle for retailers. If anyone wants to remove the hassle, then one needs to process the path easy for the seller through a user-friendly page where there is a need for information on the seller registration, and it has the first access to the platform. Link the page with the navigation bar, and it will become more accessible for existing and new sellers. Create a short video for sellers and display the onboarding process for the better good.
  • Product page– having a powerful page for products is great and good for navigation. It will give a clear understanding, and you will know about the product. The sellers can share product videos with proper narration to display the descriptions and the videos. It will show all the features and benefits of the selected items, and this information is good for the customers to watch and get a good response. 
  • Customization– brand recognition is everything, creating a good customer relationship. Therefore, make the brand visible and even recognize the main priorities when setting up the store inside the online marketplace and its platform. It is fundamental to reach the target audience, and it has something perfect to come up with new customers and even help in business discovery. The marketplace brands are not generic, and collaborating with them will give great exposure to the items. You can have a customizable landing page of the brand where the customers can go and check and know about the brand and check other products. 
  • Content management systemCMS is important for ecommerce settings. If you have CMS, there is no need to have an entire website where you publish content every time. The ecommerce managers of Event & Ticket Booking Mobile App Development company help you create and edit the landing page or other content. For good brands, it is important to give customers information and sell the products. It is fundamental because it grabs attention and even increases the sales volume. 
  • Reviews and ratings– the sales revenue has a strong impact because of the reviews and ratings of the product. The customers check these things and get the best evaluation of the products. User reviews significantly impact sales, and brands get a positive response from new customers. These reviews look simple, but they are meant for your life, and you will get the best service so that the brands in the marketplace get notice, and it creates a good impact on the brands who are selling the products and making their position big in the marketplace and create the best response. 
  • Smart search engine– leveraging the new technology of search is the most fundamental thing, and it is because the customers will get what they want and need. You will get different ways to do things, and you will get them to lead the best conversion with better rank and the perfect organic search that gives a better experience. The feature with AI will help the marketplace sellers and customers meet under one platform. It even helps you with personalized searches and creates the best experience for you. 
  • Recommendation of products– based on your search and personal interests, you will get different product recommendations. It caters to your purchase interests, and the customers will find the product of the choice that the marketplace will get. It is like a win-win situation where you will get the best result and create the best result. 
  • Different payment options- not only cash on delivery, but you can also pay through debit, credit, wallet, or net banking. The payment gateway is safe and secure. You will get a certain payment push in your business, and customers witnessing various payment options will surely get the best response. The payment section is a part of the buying process, and the checkout process must be smooth so the customers can rely on the marketplace for better results. 

How to design the online marketplace?

Designing the marketplace is a well-known work for the experts. The developers will create the safest and most secure marketplace that will make the best return of the marketplace. You will get the best platform to invite all the brands to come under one roof and sell their products. For example- Nykaa is the top leading beauty marketplace where you will get skincare, haircare, and makeup essentials from local brands to luxury brands. Even the marketplace personal brand products are available to cater the most products to the customers who love to pamper themselves. It is one roof with all the beauty products without any false hopes or identical products.

From time to time, the marketplace runs discounts, sales and offers to grab the attention of the buyers. Even the brands offer personal discount options to cater to most customers within the marketplace. Therefore, it is much more effective, and surely there is no looking back to starting a business in the marketplace platform like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa and Myntra, for example. 

The developers can create the best competitive marketplace that will be location specific. In certain cases, it is one of the best things you can get, and it will create a great impact on your business. If hiring a developer and setting up the marketplace, you must discuss the process in detail to grab the attention and make you feel confident and smart. You can improve the online marketplace and attract various sellers and customers to come and meet each other for a productive business.