Top Web Design Magazines for Designers

Be a newbie or an old-timer, to breathe every day in the Tech air, you need to stay modernized with every incoming and outgoing of updates in the technology. There are several modes and mediums which can show you the path to all the updates and knowledge in the technology.

Web Designing is one of the vital parts of the technology, which we need to look after frequently for all the possible updates and the news. As we all know, information has got many places and pathways to reach out to itself; it becomes quite tedious sometimes to find out the correct and the efficient one.

Visual Design plays a key role in attracting users to a particular website or web page. Unless the design is professional, attractive and user friendly, very few people are likely to interact with it. This in turn can lead to an increase in the bounce rate of the website and ultimately result in a low-performing website.

10+ Best Web Design and Development Magazines to Read

But today, we will bring an effective pathway to help you – Magazines. Here, we will name down and discuss in brief about some top print magazines for Web Designers to read.

#1. GDUSA – Best Print Magazines for Web Designers

GDUSAGraphic Design USA is one of the largest news pot filled with the updates and the latest news from the Web Industry.

It helps users read all the sort of news or updates that they require to survive among the top 10 website design companies, inspires and motivates them and guides them with all the useful tips.

Being all the articles written by the experts in the field, it makes itself the place with an enormous amount of updates on the design, photography, illustrations, book reviews and interviews, histories, and surveys with a lot more to view and surf through for the people providing the responsive website design services.

Please have a look at its website’s beauty in the below picture.

#2. net Magazine – Latest Web Design News Magazine

net Magazine

(image source: clipping from MyFavouriteMagazines)

Founded in 1994 by its parent – Future plc,  net Magazine is known widely for its premiere print publication for the Web designers. It is available to purchase at most of the major booksellers.

The magazine initially aimed at the general internet users but later adapted into a title aiming at professional and novice web designers with a vast proportion of its readers being the professional developers working in one or the other reputed web design and development company.

The company is also famous for their annual “The Net Awards,” an awards body recognizing extraordinary accomplishments across the industry of the web design company(s).

The magazine has got beautiful theme covers and layouts to intrigue reader to stay indulged. Also, it contains sections talking on the topics such as web security, careers, search engine news, and web hosting.

#3. Creative Review

Creative Review(image source: clipping of homepage)

The magazine is almost over 30 years old with its first launch in 1980, initially as a print magazine and now being resourceful to the readers through many platforms.

It reaches out to the audience with monthly updates on the topics such as Web design, technology, typography, animation, books, tools and many other things about design and development to help you excel at the responsive website design services you provide.

With many expert writers from the field and beautiful themes and layouts, it can keep you engaging with the edition to continue reading and provide you with helpful information.

If you are an aspiring web designer looking forward to your future in working with a good website design company, you should have this magazines’ page as one of your bookmarks to stay updated.

A small glimpse of the website is here in the picture below.

#4. Lürzer’s Archive – The Magazine

Lurzer's Archive - The MagazineLürzer’s Archive, first founded in 1984, is a bi-monthly magazine for the advertising industry featuring the ad campaigns for print and TV from around the world. Also, described as “one of the foremost advertising magazines in the world.”

The magazine is available in print as well as on their website.

You can check on their website and get the information about their latest issues, get the updates on your desired topics by reading the articles, watching videos or reading their magazine’s print copy.

#5. HOW

HOW“HOW,” with its first foundation stone established in 1985, has always been resourceful with its bimonthly issue for the graphics designers.

It includes the sections on business, creativity, designs, and technology to help the Web Designers, whether they work for a website development company or in a design department of a responsive web design agency or for themselves to become more insightful and successful in their respective field.

At present, HOW publishes six issues a year and hosts creative competitions in graphics designing, logo designing, promotion and marketing, interactive media and in-house design.

Its website also has a section for Online Learning, so the Newbies are all welcome here to sharpen their skills of Web and Graphics Designing and soar in the sky of success.

#6. Gadget Magazine

Gadget MagazineAs the name itself says, it is a Magazine with all the information on the updates and features of the Gadgets.

The name is appealing to all the tech-savvies to engross their eyes into its sections of the latest news and get them all inspiring to move forward with the updated skills and techniques.

This Magazine is a hub of articles and tutorials about modern web design, UI design, HTML5, JavaScript, WordPress, PhotoShop, and much more.

It also allows you to download some user-friendly guides to your computers and wearables such as Google Play, Amazon or any other services.

#7. Layers

LayersLaunched in 2005, Layers was an educational site purely, covering the topics of design and photography apps.

Along with the updates, it now highlights the topics of photography, web design, creative tools, web design techniques, and many others. Also, it provides information about the hardware and software.

It gives you the option to subscribe to its newsletters regarding the latest update in the blogs, articles or notifications for the latest tutorials shared on the website.

#8. Communication Arts

Communication ArtsThis Magazine is available in two formats, both online and print, for a bimonthly issue covering all the design related topics.

Its edition comprises of the topics such as photography, typography, advertising, and other creative stuff.

It is accessible on any popular web browser and has the facility of downloading it as a PDF and for IOS.

#9. Digital Arts

Digital ArtsThis Magazine is great for the online updates on all the digital creatives.

It features a massive number of articles, tutorials, guides, news and other pieces of information that will be particularly useful to everyone in the field of Web design and Development.

This magazine is one of the most useful tools possible for a web design company as it includes many guides on Web Design topics.

On the top of it, its quick to fill up newsletter form, help you get registered for the newsletters and stay updated with all the coming Web Design novelties.

#10. Website Magazine

Website MagazineWell, I guess all my smart readers would have got a glimpse of its functions by the name itself.

Let’s add details to its name – this magazine covers topics, those appeal to the Web designers and developers, discussing updates on Web design and development, eCommerce, Mobile, SEO, Online Marketing, and a whole lot of other topics.

This magazine comes with a bimonthly edition in both the online and print formats.

#11. Eye

EyeThis magazine is the international review of the graphic design.

It is published quarterly discussing the topics on Graphic Design and Visual Culture.

It comes as an efficient Graphic Design journal with elegant designs for the professional web designers, students, and the ones interested in the critical and informative writing about design and visual culture.

#12. Before & After

Before & AfterDo you love or like to know about graphic design? Well, with Before & After, you will get to learn to design the Web pages, brochures, presentations, logos, ads, business cards, magazines, posters, documents, and much more.

This magazine is available in an online as well as print format. Along with providing the information, this magazine focuses on providing education to the Graphic Designing aspirants.

Its resources are available in several formats – prints, PDFs, books, videos, and the Grid Community. You can get all this information on its website.

This magazine or rather say a learning resource is available online and in English, so it is quite accessible for the users across the world to take the advantages of it. So, if you are a designer providing responsive web design services in India or a job seeker in the web designing companies in the USA and looking to sharpen your skills, you can go to its website and get it done.

#13. Web Designer

Web Designer

(image source: clipping from MyFavouriteMagazines)

Well, the name itself is enough to drag you inside its features if you are a Web Designer.

Adding to the qualities to its name, it is a flagship publication for the design enthusiasts and web creatives that provides updates on the happenings in the design world.

Every issue features the profiles of the biggest agency in the respective zone and brings you the picture behind the scenes on how the most beautiful websites are developed, along with the cutting-edge trends and techniques.

Apart from updates, it also provides you with the project-based tutorials across all the trending aspects like HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Web App Development.

You will get 13 issues in a year during the yearly subscription of this magazine.

#14. IX Interactions

IX Interactions

(image of latest issue: Volume 25 Issue 5, September-October 2018)

ACM Interactions, with the name itself, proves the objective of establishing the interaction between the humans and the technology, among and beyond the design communities.

It brings a sign of wealth to the readers with the information on conversations, relationships, and the new inventions digging deep into the fact on how and why people interact with the design world.

It works as the special conversation cord between the practice and the research emphasizing on the research being accessible to the practitioners and the practice reach out to the researchers’ ears.

Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the largest educational and scientific computing society, brings out the magazine in a bi-monthly publication available to the world.

So if you are the best web development company in the USA, a thriving web development company in India or an active market player in the Web designing world, this magazine should be one on your company’s bookshelves and easily approachable to your Web developers and designers, better to say to all your staff.

Final Words

Here, we have been able to put up a small list of the magazines we have for the updates on the Web design. We are saying this because the Web is a vast forest of information and the updates are never ceasing in the stream.

Thus, we would like to keep it for short till here and can surely help you if with the further list if the discussion arises.

Meanwhile, we wish you get all the necessary information regarding the updates and skills to become a top Web designer or be the top performer in your web design agency.

If you have got a business start-up or have a business without a website designed till now and looking for best website design companies for small business, we would love to lend you a hand and develop the site as per your desire and requirements.

Author’s Bio:
Manan Ghadawala, the founder of 21Twelve Interactive – one of the top Web design and Development Company in India and the USA, himself, is a seasoned Web Developer along with the extraordinary leadership skills which he applies to every project. He is a fantastic leader who stands as a backbone to his team and the company to achieve the desired success.