How to Shoot Great Photos On iPhone

Did you know the key to better photography is not always about having a good phone? We mean, yes, an Iphone can definitely help a lot when it comes to taking good pictures but it certainly isn’t everything if you want to your photos to have good quality.

Today’s post will teach you how to take amazing photos with your Iphone without struggling too much. Don’t worry!

We are going to make things a lot easier for you. Keep reading to find out more.

Take lots of photos

The first thing you should do is take lots and lots of photos. The key to successful photography is making mistakes. So go ahead and take as many photos as possible. Use 1 to 2 pictures of one scene and move on. You can also shoot 3 to 5 photos one after the other. This could be a bed of flowers, leaves or something that looks natural. Generally, experts take 0 to 20 photos if they are beginners or are practicing. By taking more photos, they are able to prepare themselves to take better photos.

Get better lighting

It is important to get some good lighting if you want your photos to look perfect. To do that, you can try framing your pictures with your iPhone and then tap the area when your subject appears. You can move it down or up in order to adjust the lighting until you can see that the subject is well lit and not completely blown out. You have to do this really quickly, especially since manual lighting doesn’t really last very long. If the subject is not under the light directly, then the reflection will light the subject in a more appealing way.

Don’t use the flash

Never make the mistake of using your flash. The flash is only used when it is dark outside and you want to be visible to the crowd. So, focus on getting the subject around really well and avoid using the flash as much as you can. We would also suggest you use natural lighting sources, so if you happen to shoot at night, you can use the apps exposure to boost more light in the photo. Don’t forget to carry a little extra gear in that way so that you don’t have to use your flash.

Use third party apps

If you don’t want to rush using a quick shot, we would suggest you to download some third party apps that are available on “App Store”. Apple has recently opened a whole bunch of controls to its developers. This also includes the shutter speed, the white balance, the exposure, the ISO which also means that you will be able to snap photos with a lot of clarity than you can get from a default camera application.

Portrait or landscape

It does not really matter if you are holding your phone upright or even sideways. It could fit the subject better than any other way. The phone is definitely smart enough for you to know how you have been holding your phone with the resulting picture that is always right side up. You may, though find it much easier to hold your camera at a steady pace with two hands when they are sideways.

Get a good app to edit your photos

There are several applications on the iPhone app store that will allow you to edit pictures right now on the phone once you have taken them, You could also add some toy camera effects, edit the exposure as well as the saturation and add the focus changes which will give your photos a lot of depth. Search the pictures on the iPhone App store and experiment with the applications that are available.

Understand the limits of your camera

It is so important to understand the limits of your camera so never surprise that the pictures that you take using your iPhone will have the same kind of quality as you get with the DSLR. Photos that are taken with an iPhone are going to be much smaller in size you won’t be able to print it really big. Also, use camera photos that have not been designed to do well in situations that are low light. This should help you get photos of good quality.

Let your camera be steady

When you start using your phone’s camera that is inbuilt, it is actually very natural to want to shoot pictures with just one hand. However, holding your phone just like a camera will help you steady yourself and make sure that the pictures are crisp and clear at the same time. In order to have the greatest steadiness, you need to make sure your arms are closer to your body. Bend the knees slightly and then tap the shutter buttons with the help of a finger.

Don’t use the zoom of the camera

With the smartphones that come with a built-in, we would not recommend you to use it. Once you begin to use it, you will be able to see some noticeable pixelation. It is actually better to move yourself and then use the phone to whatever you are taking a photo of and then use the zoom as a final resort.

Like you can tell, there are several pros and cons that come with using an Iphone, but if you use these tips carefully, we have no doubts that you will successfully be able to take great photos by using what you have. Try it and we know you won’t regret at all!

So that’s all we have for you! Did you enjoy reading our post on clicking great photos on iphones? If yes, do let us know what it was like to try them in the comment section below. You can also send us some questions if you have any. On that note, good luck and have fun while taking those photos!