VideoProc Review

VideoProc is a video processing tool that helps users edit, resize, adjust and transcode their 4K UHD videos.

It stands out for many features, especially to take advantage of a full acceleration of the GPU , this allows you to process videos quickly.

But VideoProc is much more than a tool for processing videos , you can also download videos online, record webcam / screen at the same time, record the screen of the iPhone without red bar, etc.

The software is also available for Mac OS X and Windows users.

VideoProc has been developed to be the first 4K and HD video processing tool .

Unlike the traditional video converter with limited functions, VideoProc is responsible for covering  all the needs in the work of processing videos , such as editing, resizing, adjusting and video encoding / decoding.

It stands out for processing videos in the simplest way , with a speed 47 times faster and less use of the CPU , thanks to its level 3 hardware acceleration .

It is not necessary to have knowledge of video editing to create amazing and spectacular videos.

VideoProc provides an unprecedented simplicity in the processing of video sequences: iPhone, GoPro, digital camera, drones, baby monitor, recording screen capture videos and webcams, video segments downloaded from Facebook, Twitter and other sites.


A great help for iPhone users

VideoProc is almost essential to solve different problems encountered by iPhone users when editing or playing videos .

Format and codec

  • MKV, FLV, AVI videos can not be played on the iPhone.
  • Failure to play 4K HEVC iPhone videos on other devices.
  • You can not import videos from iPhone HEVC, VBR to Premiere.

Video edition

  • Problems to edit videos on the small screen of the iPhone.
  • Complicated editing operations on the iPhone.
  • You can not export 4K 60fps videos after editing them on the iPhone.
  • The iPhone becomes slow or gets stuck when editing large videos.

Ratio of size, length and appearance of the video

  • Big waste of time uploading big 4K and HD videos to YouTube.
  • Videos exceed the lifetime limit of video sharing sites.
  • The video image is cropped after uploading to Instagram.
  • Playback of videos with non-standard aspect ratio.

Resolution of videos and quality

  • The quality of HD video becomes bad after uploading it to YouTube.
  • Red bar in the videos recorded by the iPhone’s screen recorder.
  • Shaky videos, video image with noise.
  • The videos recorded at night are dim and fuzzy

How does VideoProc help iPhone users?

VideoProc iphoneThe solution to the problems described above , for iPhone users, is amply offered by VideoProc.

Edit videos

  • Basic Edition : processes large HD / 4K sequences of iPhone and iPad. Trim clips, cut, trim, merge, rotate, flip, change the aspect ratio, apply effects to videos and more.
  • Advanced or Pro editing : stabilize unstable videos, eliminate background noise, take snapshots, make GIFs, correct fisheye distortion, force A / V synchronization, add watermarks, color and audio settings, lighten faint videos , accelerate / reduce the video from 0.1x to 16x, etc.

Transcode videos

  • Transcode iPhone videos : solves the problem of incompatibility of video format. Play iPhone HEVC, H.264 on PC / Mac, TV, Android, etc.
  • From video to iPhone : 370 input codecs and more than 420 output formats. From MKV / AVI / WMV / MP4 / FLV and more to iPhone HEVC, H.264.
  • Convert video to audio : create ringtones for iPhone (m4r), download videos and transcode to MP3 for iPhone.

Resize videos

  • Change the frame rate : iPhone 60fps at 30fps, etc. Adjust audio settings.
  • Adjust the bit rate, change the video resolution, reduced scale, higher video scale.
  • Cut, cut, cut video, change the video codec.

Why should iPhone users choose VideoProc?

There are many reasons to opt for this complete tool for processing videos, these are 8 of these reasons:

  1. Video processing speed 47 times greater, thanks to the acceleration technology of Intel®, AMD® and NVIDIA® GPUs.
  2. Powerful 4K video processing capabilities, high image speed and large video files.
  3. Compatible with all video formats . Support to decode and encode HEVC and VBR videos.
  4. Quality video output without losses thanks to deinterlacing technology and a high quality engine.
  5. Complete tool for video processing that integrates the functions of dozens of programs.
  6. Equipped with basic and advanced video processing tools . Suitable for both amateurs and advanced users.
  7. Intuitive user interface and simple operations. Finish the video processing tasks with just a few clicks.
  8. Fluid and stable operation, to forget the annoying problems of slowing down or closures.

Do you want a free license of VideoProc?

Now you have the opportunity to get a free license for one year of this complete and powerful software for video processing.

If you want to obtain this free license, follow these simple steps :

  • Go to the VideoProc page and click on the ” Enter to Win ” button.
  • Indicates a valid email and generates a unique referral link.
  • Share this link on Facebook, Twitter, forums, blog, etc.
  • Refer 10 friends and get a free VideoProc license for 1 year.

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