Entertainment makes life better. It improves human experiences. It makes people happy. And that’s what Netflix brings on board. Equipped with tons of exciting movies and TV shows, you are sure to get content that makes you happy. But wait. Did you know that it is difficult to access the geo-restricted content on Netflix in Indonesia? Well, things can be tough, right? However, this shouldn’t make you cynical. You can use a VPN and access any content on Netflix. On this note, here are some of the best VPNs for unblocking Netflix in Indonesia.


With a sleek interface and stable speeds, Nord is an incredible choice for any VPN user. Based in Panama, NordVPN has an outstanding reputation and has numerous servers located in different countries.

The company’s zero-logging policy combines with great price plans, as well as, 256-bit military-grade encryption to provide you with a deal that’s hard to resist. Plus, the VPN offers a 16Mbps downstream speed, stable performance, and P2P support on their Indonesia server.


Using ExpressVPN in Indonesia is safe and secure. Plus, it makes it easier for you to stream geo-locked content.

The company has laid extensive infrastructure allowances for the Indonesians. This VPN provider typically offers an excellent service that’s characterized by top-notch speeds, as well as comprehensive applications and protocols. It’s security protocols are also incredible.


CyberGhost has tried to hip and upbeat in its marketing. Although most of their servers are located in Europe, they also have some in Asia as well as Scotland. So, if you’re in Indonesia, you can rest assured that you’ll get super-fast speeds when streaming content on Netflix.


TorGuard offers a delightful experience. It’s safe, affordable, and super-fast. Plus, it’s P2P-friendly. Although its interface might look a little dated, there’s no doubt TorGuard provides outstanding performance.

With this VPN, you can always choose your preferred level of encryption. So, if you’re a P2P user, you can turn down the encryption feature a notch and enjoy lightning-fast torrenting speeds. Other great features include multi-platform capability as well as the ability to bypass VPN restrictions.


If you want an affordable VPN that offers consistent performance, then go for Surfshark. The company offers a complete VPN package with optimal privacy and security. They also provide P2P support. Surfshark is an excellent option for those who want to region-locked content on popular sites such as Hulu and Netflix.

Surfshark offers servers in Indonesia. With speeds of up to 80Mbps through their Subaraya server, you can rest assured that you’ll enjoy sable connection speeds in Indonesia.

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The Bottom-Line

If you’re in Indonesia, you may not be able to surf the internet without a reliable VPN. And because of the government restrictions, it’s important to focus on ways of improving your online privacy and anonymity.

The above guide contains everything to do with how to watch American Netflix in Indonesia. Plus, it gives you explicit knowledge regarding how a VPN can help you beat Netflix content geo-restrictions and enjoy all your movies and TV shows in Indonesia.