The reasons why people travel to Europe are endless. As if history, culture, natural beauty are not enough to draw you; the cuisine the locals, the vibrant cities, museums, and the varieties of wonders and sights these factors are enough to suit many visitors. Europe is the second smallest continent covering only 2% of the world’s surface and home to 11% of the earth population but within that small space, there is one of the most beautiful countries on earth that have to be visited once in a lifetime.

In Europe alone were registered 713 million international tourists and arrivals. Southern and Mediterranean Europe drove the growth, however the western and central European countries the most visited destinations and also the top tourist destinations around the world. Let’s have a look at top visited countries in Europe:

#1- France

The most visited country, France is not just about the Eifel tower, museums, and cities. The country has the highest numbers of visitors, more than any other European or world country. France has such a variety of tourist attraction that a year would not be enough to experience and to see everything that it has to offer. Over than 86 million visitors alone visited the country in 2017 and the numbers are much higher in 2018. France has many coastal villages, snowy mountains, beautiful beaches, and enormous markets have made every traveler make France one of their must-see list.

#2- Spain

Spain is the second most visited country in Europe, around 81.8 million travelers visited Spain in 2017 alone. Spain has 47 UNESCO heritage sites, several beaches on the Mediterranean and Atlantic oceans, and numerous festivals that bring the people together from all over the world. The government of Spain has eased the process of getting Spanish citizenship by investing in Spain Golden visa program.

#3- Italy

It is the home of several most famous buildings in the world as the Colosseum and Leaning Tower of Pisa; Italy is the third most visited countries in Europe, a number of 85.8 million visitors in 2017. Italy is known for its influential art, architecture and culture, and its home for numerous cathedrals, castles, and palaces, vineyards and beaches.

#4- United Kingdom

This country has played a very important role throughout the history of Europe, The United Kingdom, it consists of four constitutes countries, England, Scotland, wales and northern island. The country has many castles, palaces, and buildings constructed in different history and it attracts millions of visitors around the world. 37.7 million Travelers entered the country in 2017.  If you are interested in living and working in The United Kingdom, there are several ways that make it easier for you to gain its citizenship for you and your family and one of these options is citizenship by investment which contains more than one option, whether the main applicant will invest in a government contribution option or in a business establishment option one of these programs are UK tier 1 investor option, and it’s for individuals with a high net worth who are interested in investing in the UK with an investment in bonds, loan or share in active and trading UK companies. The second option is Tier 1 Entrepreneur program is for entrepreneurs who are interested in establishing a new business.

#5- Turkey

Turkey received 37.6 million visitors in 2017. Many people are interested in turkey and specifically Istanbul, this city has a unique mixture of Architecture, tasty Middle Eastern food, a beautiful nature, mesmerizing landscapes, nice weather, and friendly people.

#6- Germany

Germany has one of the strongest economies in the world and very strong tourism industry as well; visitors hardly travel across Europe without stopping in Germany. In 2017 37.5 million visitors entered the country.

#7- Austria

If you were passionate about arts or nature, Austria can give you both. Almost 30 million travelers visited Austria in 2017. With its stunning castles and amazing buildings and landscapes, the country is one of the most tourists’ attractions in Europe.

#8- Greece

The Hellenic Republic or Greece hosts millions of visitors every year. It has been a tourist attraction since ancient times. 27.2 million People visited the country in 2017, after 24.8 million visitors in the previous year. Food in Greece is a unique experience. It is a mixture of the traditional Greek food influenced by Turkish and Italian cuisine.

#9- Russia

The biggest country in the world is the ninth most visited country in the European continent.24.4 million visitors travelers visited Russia in 2017, Russia has a lot of natural wonders, like lakes, valleys, beaches and resorts that are particularly famous among Europeans.

#10- Portugal

There is a lot to do in Portugal from visiting old castles and palaces, valleys, waterfalls to surfing at the sea. About 21.2 million people visited Portugal in 2017. Portugal has a coastline of 1,794 km and shares a land border only with Spain. It has stunning beaches, crowded ones and others hidden.