Recently, Bleacherreport evaluated the attractiveness of the world’s top football tournaments on a 10-point scale. Not surprisingly, the Premier League tops this list. The criteria Bleacherreport offers for evaluation are the transfer fees that are spent in the tournament, the average goal of each match in the tournament, tournament value in the market, the number of spectators coming to the stadium to watch live matches. The following is the ranking given by Bleacherreport.

Premier League (8.9 points)

The Premier League has never lost its number one position in terms of charisma. In fact, the money brought from television rights is a huge number. Although it lost its place in the European football arena, the fierce competition in the domestic league between Arsenal, Chelsea, Man Utd, Man City, Liverpool … is receiving a lot of attention from football fans around the world.


Premier League is a tournament rated as the most attractive tournament in the planet. There are 20 British professional clubs participating in this tournament. Today, there are more than 200 countries registering copyright to broadcast this tournament. There are about 600 million live broadcast homes for this tournament and more than 4.7 billion fans watch this tournament via television.

La Liga (8.6 points)

La Liga is no longer the private tournament of Barcelona and Real Madrid. Atletico has become a terrifying force. Sevilla also became stronger in this season. Currently, Spanish clubs dominate the two largest football leagues in the continent: the Champions League and the Europa League.

The La Liga tournament was born in 1927. The director of the Arenas Club de Roldan, Jose Maria Acha, is one of the founders of this tournament. The first season was officially organized in 1929 and has 10 participating teams.

Bundesliga (8.5 points)

The Bundesliga ranks third in this ranking. On average, there are 2.7 goals are scored per match in this tournament.

This tournament was held from 1903 until now (except for the period of the world war I and the world war II).

Serie A (8,0 points)

Serie A owns the three most famous clubs in the world such as Juventus, AC Milan, and Inter Milan. All three are founding members of G-14 that is a group representing Europe’s largest and most prestigious football clubs. In addition to those three clubs, Serie A also has other excellent clubs such as AS Roma, Fiorentina, Napoli, and Lazio,

Serie A owns the three most famous clubs in the world .

This tournament is Italy’s top football league, but it lost its charm. Juventus are still very determined to fulfill the ambition to conquer the Champions League, the other teams are no longer attractive to players.

Ligue 1 (6.8 points)

This tournament was held from 1932 until now except for the years from 1939 to 1945(due to the world war II).

French football is slowly regaining its position in the European arena. In fact, clubs in this country are increasingly focusing on squad investments and training young talents. On average, each match in this tournament has 2.5 goals scored.

Chinese Super League (5.5 points)

China is making the big European teams really scared because they can put a lot of money to recruit top stars in the world. Even there are many famous players who are at the peak of their careers have come to China to play football because they are paid very high wages.

Chinese Super League was formed in 2004 with the participation of 12 teams. Chinese Super League is the highest professional football league of Chinese football under the auspices of the Chinese Football Association. Nowadays, the number of teams participating in this tournament is up to 16 teams.

Major League Soccer (5.3 points)

Major League Soccer is the highest professional men’s soccer tournament in the United States and Canada that was managed by the United States Football Federation. This tournament consists of 23 teams including 20 teams in the United States and 3 teams in Canada. Each team can play 34 matches. The best team is awarded the Supporters’ Shield title.

Major League Soccer.

Major League Soccer was founded in 1993. The first season was held in 1996 with the participation of ten teams. Nowadays, Major League Soccer is the tournament that suitable for world football stars who have passed the peak of their careers. Thanks to good compensation, this tournament has attracted many football stars such as Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard or Kaka to come to play in the US. Thus, the quality of this tournament is also high.

Major League Soccer main season takes place from March to October. 23 teams of MLS play 34 matches according to the scheduled match.

Portuguese Primeira Liga (5.1 points)

The Portuguese Primeira Liga is the highest in the Portuguese football league. It is possible that the Portuguese Primeira Liga was once considered one of the top five European leagues. But this tournament is only ranked 9th on this list with 5.1 points. On average, each match has 2.3 goals scored.

Brasileiro Serie A (4.8 points)

The Brasileiro Serie A is the highest level of Brazilian football. Brasileiro Serie A was held from 1971 to the present. Although not the top league like European championships, the image of this tournament is being raised day by day with famous stars.

Brazil is a country with many world football stars. In recent years, European teams often go to Brazil to recruit young talents. However, the number of spectators coming to the stadium to watch live and the number of goals scored per match is quite low.

In conclusion, the above is the ranking of the top 10 most attractive football tournaments in the world given by Bleacherreport. Do you agree with this?. Beside, there are numerous other exciting tournaments in the world that are worth your attention.