Today, small businesses are the backbone of the economy more than ever before. But that doesn’t just mean smaller family-owned companies anymore. In the world of tech, tiny start-up companies are becoming an ever-increasingly larger part of the industry. But starting one isn’t easy – you’ve got a lot of things to think about. Primarily – where do you want to base your new company? Don’t worry, though – we’ve got a list of the best cities to launch a startup in the US!

San Francisco, CA

Let’s start with the most obvious choice, and the heart of Silicon Valley – San Francisco! In the past years, its status as a powerhouse of innovation and cutting-edge tech has only been cemented. By far, it’s at the forefront when it comes to startup investments. In fact, around 15% of all the venture capital investments in the world happened in this city in the past year.

Naturally, if a city is such a center for capital investments – living expenses are quite here. And seeing as how costly launching a start-up can be, you’d be wise to bear this in mind. Sure, this is definitely among some of the best places for millenials to call home. But if you want to start a company here, make sure you can afford all of the expenses that come with that. Apart from costs, though – it offers a perfect startup ecosystem for new companies.

Boston, MA

Naturally, there are many factors that make any given town one of the best cities to launch a startup in the US. For example – having access to the best possible hiring pool of people is crucial. And for the tech industries, that means that a proximity to prestigious universities is important. With that in mind – you might want to consider finding a Master Moving Guide for a business relocation to Boston.

After all, you’ll find a lot of big uni names nearby, such as MIT, Harvard etc. Really, it’s no wonder this city offers a lot of advantages to young startup companies. Enterpreneurs flock here from all over the East Coast, as an increasing number of budding tech firms decides to call this place home.

Plus, if you take a look at the personal side of things – the city offers an excellent quality of life; while being far more affordable than any neighborhood in Silicon Valley. So if you want to start your company in a place that will offer you significantly lower costs, coupled with an exceptionally educated local populace; Boston is definitely an excellent choice!

San Diego, CA

Our next pick of the draft leads us back to the sunny shores of California; as we take a look at San Diego as one of the most promising tech hubs in the entire nation. Even considering its proximity to San Francisco, this town manages to stay extremely relevant on any list of the best cities to launch a startup in the US.

In fact, San Diego boasts one of the biggest rates of venture capital investments per citizen – which is obviously a significant statistic in any discussion about startup locations. More specifically,  there are more than 150 small tech companies per 100,000 people in this city!

This best illustrates just how rich of a tech scene San Diego can offer to its denizens. Anyone starting a tech firm here would have the opportunity for some easy networking – and finding capital investments shouldn’t be difficult either. Plus, its general expenses are far more reasonable than those in Silicon Valley. Naturally, compared to that area – San Diego is not even close when it comes to tech influence. But its steady growth makes it a very viable alternative!

Austin, TX

People who don’t closely follow the shifts among the best cities to launch a startup in the US may not know this; but Austin, TX has been accumulating more and more influence on the American tech market. Namely, because of the noteworthy efforts of the local Austin Chamber of Commerce; an increasing number of small tech firms have decided to call Austin their home in the recent few years.

There are quite a few objective reasons for Austin’s success as a tech city. Naturally, the absence of income taxes in the entire state helps; as well as the presence of quality talent from the University of Texas. These days, there are almost 5,000 tech companies in Austin, as well as numerous start-up incubators.

New York, NY

Our last choice is most certainly not the least – and that’s NYC! Obviously, the Big Apple doesn’t need much of an introduction; but we do have to explain the interesting phenomenon that makes one of the best cities to launch a startup in the US. While the tech startups in the West Coast are looking to be the next Google, or Facebook; NYC-based companies usually have more practical business goals in mind.

As you probably know, New York is home to all kinds of entertainment industries – it’s their biggest hub on the East Coast. But these days, no kind of news, fashion or media can thrive or even exist without the help of the tech industry. Which is where NYC startups come in, as complementary industries.

This has given rise to the appearence of ‘hyphen tech’ – in other words, fashion-tech, fin-tech and similar industries. All of these exist to serve the needs of other sectors, where competition dictates that having a digital edge over your opponents is a must.