Comparing travel insurance policies How to find the perfect fit for your trip

International travel allows travellers to spread out their wings and experience something unlike anything else. Whether it is seeing never-before-seen landscapes, taking a dip in the shining blue sea, exploring the world has something for everyone to enjoy.  However, whenever planning a foreign trip, one might often hear to get a travel insurance policy to secure their journey.

However, while it is now easier than ever to buy travel insurance online, there are often so many options, with dozens of insurers claiming the top spot. This is where you can refer to this article as a guide and get an accurate assessment of how you can choose the best insurance policy for your and your loved ones’ needs.

What is travel insurance, and how does it work?

Travel insurance is a type of insurance designed to financially protect travellers from travel-related risks. These risks can sometimes be direct or indirect and can result in significant financial loss and hamper the travel experience. This is why all travellers, especially those travelling internationally, are recommended to get international travel insurance for their journeys. 

A travel insurance policy works similarly to any other insurance policy. In exchange for an initial premium that might be nominal compared to the total coverage, a traveller can expect to receive financial protection in the form of compensation or reimbursement for various expenses. These risks and their specific quantum of coverage are mentioned in the policy document and can give a clearer picture when planning a trip where there is any expected risk.

What are some key benefits when buying a travel insurance policy online?

There are several benefits which a traveller can expect when purchasing a travel insurance policy. Whether it is coverage for medical expenses or travel-related risks, here are some key coverages you should consider for the policy. 

  • Simplicity, convenience and affordability when buying the policy
  • Simplicity, efficiency, and hassle-free claims process.
  • Comprehensive coverage for various risks. 
  • Coverage for several times the initial premium charged. 
  • Emergency assistance even when travelling internationally.
  • Coverage for expenses arising from medical emergencies or accidents. 
  • Coverage for non-medical travel-related risks like trip cancellation and loss of checked-in baggage. 
  • Coverage for student travellers when seeking student travel insurance. 
  • There are various types of insurance policies, such as single-trip, multi-trip, senior citizen, student, and group travel.

What are some critical factors in comparing travel insurance policy from different insurers?

While travel insurance offers many benefits regarding protection, accessibility to quality healthcare, and entry into countries mandating travel insurance for Visas, travellers must still consider a few factors and compare policies and insurers before choosing and purchasing an insurance plan.

  • Needs of the traveller

Consider the needs of the traveller. Whether travelling for business, education, or leisure, a traveller’s needs must be considered when choosing a travel insurance policy. For example, if you are planning to travel for education, student travel insurance is the right policy as opposed to single-trip insurance. In the same vein, if you are planning several trips to the same location in a year, getting multi-trip travel insurance is a lot more convenient and cost-effective.

  • Scope and extent of coverage

Consider the extent of the coverage offered by the insurer. For example, several insurers might list the same benefit; however, there might be differences in the coverage sum or specific restrictions in the policy. Consider these differences and plan accordingly.

  • Exclusions

Travellers should also remember that just having a travel insurance policy does not mean coverage from all risks and for the entire sum insured. Refer to the policy document for specific actions and risks that are not covered by the insurer, and taking part in those activities can result in claim rejection. So consider these aspects and plan your travel accordingly.

  • Duration of the policy

Consider the differences in time zones to ensure that you are protected for the entire journey. The time zone should be considered per the country of origin, as any miscalculation of the dates can leave the traveller unprotected.

  • Total coverage

Consider and compare the total amount of coverage an insurance plan offers. For example, leading travel insurance providers like Niva Bupa offer a sum assured of up to $500,000 when travelling, and this sum is also applicable to student policies. 

  • Premium charged

Although the premium charged for travel insurance plans in India is nominal when compared internationally, there is a difference in the quality of each product. While it is advised to opt for an affordable policy, never getting the cheapest one is highly recommended. This is because those policies are cut-down versions of more comprehensive policies and only exist to attract customers with a low number. In times of need, a more thorough yet affordable policy will be a lot more beneficial.

  • Add-ons

As retail insurance policies are generally a mass-market product, they are standardised plans with similar benefits and costs. Travellers who wish to secure their trip can choose to add add-ons to the various plans to meet their requirements. For example, students can avail of benefits such as pre-existing disease coverage under student travel insurance, a mandatory requirement at several US universities.

  • Reliability of the insurer

Consider the reliability and reviews of the insurer before finalising one over the other. No matter how cheap or expensive a policy is, if the insurer is not reliable or has a bad track record, then it is better to opt for a policy from a different insurer.


Once you have considered the above factors and landed on an insurance provider who matches your needs, you can easily visit their website and buy a travel insurance policy online in just a few minutes. While it might seem like an extra step or an expense now, travel insurance can offer confidence and peace of mind when faced with any covered risk, allowing you to secure your family and loved ones quickly. 

So plan your journey with the right travel insurance policy and explore the world with confidence and peace of mind.