The Main Aspects of Contemporary Design that you should use for your home

Contemporary design is a type of interior design that uses aspects from the most recent influences, such as modernism, minimalism, and other worldwide styles. Without focusing on a specific style only, it combines the most modern styles into one contemporary aesthetic – pulling inspiration from the globe. If you are interested in using contemporary design in your home, you may find inspiration from these high-end design firms.  

The best contemporary design items for your home 

There are many contemporary design firms that you can look at this year for inspiration for your new house. If you are thinking of designing your new accommodation with contemporary styles – such as light fixtures, big windows, light colors, pastel color palettes, and clean lines – consider looking at some of these companies to boost the aesthetic value of your home. 

Tom Dixon

The last contemporary designer you should consider using for your home or office space is Tom Dixon. Tom Dixon is a well-renowned interior designer that focused on installing contemporary design elements into a home. Some of the most common luxurious elements that work well with modern interior dining include the following:

  • Diffuser – the Tom Dixon diffuser produces scents that can help relax you and calm you while you’re at home, you can choose from a variety of scents, such as nature-inspired themes and a new-car smell. 
  • Tank decanter – the tank decanter is the perfect way that you can use a contemporary design art piece to keep your wines fresh and suitable for your living room parties. 
  • Alchemy scandal – the alchemy candle is one of the set pieces you can use for your home, with the product being handmade with natural materials, featuring a masculine scent perfect for the bathroom or the bedroom. This luxury candle is the perfect alternative to your typical scents. 
  • Fire diffuser – the last item that is perfect for contemporary design in your home is the element fire diffuser from Tom Dixon. This luxury fire diffuser produces a musk and amber scent that is ideal for creating a homely vibe in your house. 

Bates Masi

One of the best contemporary design firms that you should look at inspiration from is Bates Masi + architects. By using the surrounding landscape with their houses, they combine the natural elements of their environment with the contemporary design elements of their house. Using interiors that can combine with the extent is what makes this design firm an inspiration to others in the business.

Decorilla interior design firm

Another staple in contemporary design, Decorilla uses customizable options that you can install in your home in no time. By coming up with templates and home designs that work for each individual room, you can save money and time by buying packages featuring contemporary home designs. 

ST/AC Architects

For those who are into contemporary design and using sleek furniture, aesthetic design, clean lines, and commercial office products, consider looking at this contemporary interior design company from Bulgaria. If you are interested in incorporating modern design into your office space, corporate centers, and your home office, then consider using ST/AC. 

Comité de Proyectos

To decorate your apartment building or a studio, consider using Comite de Proyectos’ furniture and interior design elements. By using contemporary designs that focus on light, bright, artistic, and creative aspects that combine various styles, you can choose a unique and fun interior design for your home. 


To create the perfect aesthetic in your home, you can use contemporary design plans with luxury items that work well with the interior design of your house. By using products and inspiration from high-end companies, like Tom Dion and Decorilla, you can figure out the best way to improve the overall aesthetic and value of your house.