Top 10 Tumblr Features for Bloggers

Social Media has been emerging rapidly in recent times. The trend of blogging came into existence years back. A large number of platforms were recognized for blogging.

It is a great platform for people to express and be a part of the expressive society online through short texts, images, gifs, or videos. These videos can even be downloaded via sites like It has offered immense exposure to all its users and encouraged a large number of people to keep joining it. It has a wide range of features catering to all the needs of the users.

What’s Tumblr about?

Tumblr launched in 2007. Tumblr is a fusion blogging application and microblogging tool. It empowers you to broadcast short posts that comprise imageries, text, aural, or video, which aren’t as long as traditional blog posts but aren’t as tiny as Twitter apprises. As a result, the number of blogs rose from about 63 million in July 2012 to over 474 million in August 2019. By June 2019, over 172 billion posts had been distributed on Tumblr. Most of the circulation on comes from the United States.

The main features of Tumblr are:

  •       Blog management
  •       Simple Log in
  •       Supports image uploads
  •       Supports quote uploads
  •       Supports link uploads
  •       Supports one-to-one uploads
  •       Support audial uploads
  •       Supports audiovisual uploads
  •       Post forecast
  •       Page customization gears
  •       HTML editing
  •       Tagging capabilities
  •       Ability to comment, reblog, and like
  •       Custom domain name
  •       Inbox and messaging
  •       Routinely posts to Facebook
  •       Routinely posts to Twitter

Tumblr is entirely free to use. You can make a fresh Tumblr blog right now without disbursing for everything. At Tumblr, you can publish your content with no bandwidth or storage restrictions. You can also modify your Tumblelog’s design, issue group blogs, and use a custom domain, all for free.

Tumblr Features

The features of Tumblr have been advantageous to the users in different ways. From posting a picture, video, audio to chatting, link posting, and quote, it efficiently handles all these.

1. Right Direction

This feature is most suitable for all its users. Letting the right user meet the right content is very important. As a user, it is a great advantage to see the content which the user is interested in. It lays great emphasis on the choice & selection of the person scrolling. It offers an option to select the topics of your choice and get personalized content. The users get into the right direction by opting for the content/posts he wants. An increase in the knowledge base is an inevitable feature of Tumblr.

Tumblr will suggest accounts that you can follow to get ongoing. You have to have at least five topics, but of course, the more, the livelier. You can also select subclasses that are nested under the main topics. This feature helps you to adapt the posts impending to your Dashboard. That’s how cool it is to get started! You might want to devote some time observing for the right accounts to follow so that your feed will be pertinent.

2.  Convenient

Using Tumblr is extremely convenient for the users and first comers. It rules out all the complexity and makes it easy to get the content of your choice. Tumblr allows the user to express in the way he wants to. There is a lot of rich content in this platform, and getting access to it is an easy job. Any user can get hold of it by using it a few times.

3. Recognition

A lot of talents, important issues, and matters go unnoticed. A platform like Tumblr gives the opportunity of recognition of the content, whether photo, video, audio, text, or links. It creates awareness and helps reach a large base of viewers. It gives an equal chance to all the people to express and be a part of Tumblr.

There is a very useful thing here; Hashtags are the whole thing on Tumblr – it’s how you get your content discoverable for other Tumblr users. They’re best used when there is a consecutive theme throughout your page. New users will find you built on the tags they’re searching for, so use numerous tags. On Tumblr, it’s sensible to use quite comprehensive hashtags, unlike Pinterest. The broader your hashtag, the more likely your posts to be revealed. You have to devote some time on Tumblr looking through feeds to understand the seamless broad hashtags and ones that are just way too wide. Tumblr is also slightly diverse because it calls hashtags “tags.” You can add tags to your Tumblr post by just inflowing keywords into the “tags” area near the end of the post creation screen. Tumblr will alter them into hashtags and add the hashtag sign for you. Like most of the other systems, Tumblr’s hashtags are clickable. Click one, and you’ll be carried to a page of columns with that hashtag. You can also search by hashtag.

4. Microblogging

Microblogging is a shorter blog having the features of a blog, but the size is shorter. In addition, Tumblr allows attaching media like pictures, videos & links to the microblog while posting. It has been of great applicability for the users and a big reason for the attraction towards Tumblr as well. Because of its uniqueness, microblogging in Tumblr has been given the name of Tumblelogging. On average, it consists of two to three sentences.

5. Attractiveness:

The design and outlook of Tumblr are created in a very attractive manner, which you’d love. It shows the accurate directions to all the features on the primary page. The layout has been made specifically to attract and promote ease of use. There are also a lot of themes available for the users to post on this social networking platform. They are beautiful and very easy to use.

6. Dashboard: 

A single dashboard of Tumblr has lots to offer. It allows various features and perks to the users. There is no difficult to switch to another dashboard for different purposes. All multimedia posts are supported in Tumblr for the users to post them. The text posts are a great option for your thoughts and opinions. Photos and videos can be a source of entertainment as well as information.

7. Messaging: 

Tumblr allows the users to connect. The users can avail the feature of inbox and socialize through Tumblr. It completely ignores the factor of distance and helps in connecting the users from all over the world to each other. Communication can make a great platform and help in the rise of quality content. Support from other users has been regarded as the biggest motivators.

8.  Link Uploads: 

Uploading links have been of great use for the customers. It helps not only in promotion but also in spreading information. Link Uploads feature of Tumblr is great for individual users, users promoting a company, or self-promotion of the talents or businesses. This enables the users to get their website or content more exposure with a wide range of viewers. Therefore, link posting has become convenient with Tumblr.

9. Reblog: 

Tumblr not only allows to post the content as blogs but also gives the option of reblogging. A user can share the content he likes or have an interest in its wall and let more viewers come across it.  It permits you to share content you find stimulating with your followers and gives your posts the chance to find a wider audience, which is chiefly useful in a business context. Moreover, it permits you to curate posts of note without having to create all of the content by hand. To exploit your chances of having your posts seen, attach suitable category tags. Reblogging also aids in reinforcing links between Tumblr users — reblogging content from other sources might fetch your blog to their attention through the dashboard notices. You can also customize the reblog.

In a way, it can be saved by the user by reblogging the content. Appreciations and comments can be posted as well for discussions on the blogs. It helps in more clarity and answers through open views and comments.

10.  Automatically posts to Facebook & Twitter: 

This feature of Tumblr has been liked by a wide base of users, who have been using other social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter). It allows the syncing of the content posted on Tumblr to Facebook and Twitter. In addition, users can opt for the settings enabling Tumblr to automatically post the content (blogs) to Facebook or Twitter. This setting can be disabled anytime with much ease.

Tumblr has many other features suitable for different users, as the capability of tagging, customized domain name, HTML editing, scheduling the content to be posted, no maximum word limit of the posts, and free of cost. These are the few reasons why 327 million people use this amazing blogging interface and social networking platform.

Conclusion: –

More info about Tumblr and the associated impacts is available through the official Help Center at If you have further inquiries about the procedure or Tumblr in general, send an email to the Tumblr support team at

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