How to Create Innovative Voice Assistant Application like Alexa

Voice assistant applications have become the hottest trend. It has overwhelmed the customer’s approach  to browsing the internet. Today, every individual is dealing with a busy schedule where they look for an easy and time-saving approach to get their desired services. With the evolutions of voice assistant apps like Alexa, this has become possible for users. They get the ease of finding their required products and services with their voice search only. All they need to do is shoot a voice command and get accurate search results within a few seconds. 

Voice recognition apps like Google Assistant, Siri, and Alexa grabbed the huge customer’s attention of the users. Google has reported that 27%of the online global population use their mobile device for voice search. Not only this but 30% of browsing sessions include voice searches. 

What is a voice assistant application?

Basically, a voice assistant application reacts to voice command and gives clients precise and important data about their inquiries. The modern voice assistant app has simplified the process of ordering products, searching online services, performing tasks like playing music, turning on/off lights, or placing a phone call. 

Why are apps like Alex gained huge popularity?

There are a lot of reasons for its rising popularity. Some of them are examined underneath:

  • Easy to use: It offers a simple and interactive interface and allows users to operate without any glitch.
  • Fast: It is an undeniable fact that voice searches are much faster than text and touch recognition. It delivers accurate responses to users right after their voice commands.
  • Fascinating: People of different age groups are fascinated with the ease and comfort offered by voice recognition apps.

What technologies are involved in creating voice assistant apps?

Voice biometrics: This is an authentication process that helps an app to understand and recognize the voice of a particular user. 

Text to speech (TTS) engine: This engine is capable of converting text into speech. This technology is beneficial when a user is engaged with some other work and wants to get immediate results of their queries. 

Tagging: This helps voice assistant apps to understand the users’ intent and identify what they want to say.

Noise reduction engine: It helps in eliminating the background or external noise so that the app does not have to deal with too many stimuli. 

Speech to text (STT) engine: It helps in converting the user’s voice into text. The voice can be of a particular user or can be a random audio clip.

UI: It contains two sections, the voice, and the callout. The voice part consists of the results to the user’s queries that they can hear and the callouts part is the one where users can see the relevant results of their questions.  

Speech compression engine: Its usefulness is to compress the client’s voice with the goal that it can arrive at the server quickly.

What essential steps need to be followed to develop an app like Alexa?

There are three methods Junior, Middle, and Senior which are used to develop voice assistant apps like Alexa. Let’s know about each method in detail.

Junior method

In the Junior technique, the engineer will incorporate reliable technologies with the existing applications. For the same purpose, mobile app developers need a kit and afterward integrate it into the application. 

Middle method

This approach is best for those who are familiar with AI innovation. There are several which can be deployed for making an Artificial Intelligence-based assistant app, together with mobile and web services.


An adaptable tool for the individuals who are stepping new to voice assistant app development. It can possibly take notes, talk, and read the news.. 


It is a prestigious open-source platform that is used to make voice assistant applications. This device can possibly listen to voice commands and learn. It can also track users’ behaviors and activities and deliver accurate information.

Senior method

This technique is exceptionally liked by experienced voice assistant app developers who are into creating AI and ML based apps.

There are a variety of voice assistant apps developed but only a few got focused and the reason is their user-friendliness. So, what makes a successful  Voice Assistant App like Alexa? While speaking with a voice assistant like Alexa the logic behind the app finds the 3 key indications in the sentence. The three key voice commands are:


The utterance is where the complete sentence or command is defined. for example “please set an alarm for 5:30 AM” or “set a reminder for tomorrow meeting at 6 AM”. 


The intent is where users try to find something with utterance. For example, “order my favorite pastry”. Here the assistant will work on the intent and listen to it. 


Sticking with the “order my favorite pizza” here the entity alters the intent, in this case, the user is asking for their choice of pizza rather than mentioning a particular flavor of menu item. 

Things to consider while developing voice assistant application like Alexa:

While developing an app like Alexa there are numerous factors that come under consideration:

Choose the right platform

Choosing the right platform is the first thing to make your app successful. Today, different types of platforms are available to develop an AI-based application.  All you need to do is collect a list of features you want in your app search for the existing platforms that support those features in the best way. You should go with the app development platform that suits your app requirements.

Focus on end-user

While developing apps like Alexa you should give priority to end-users. It is the end-users who will interact with your app in the future. If your app fails to meet the user expectation and comfort level then there are fewer chances to make it successful. 

Add modern features

Make sure that your app development process is not focused on implementing a number of features. An app that gives a flawless performance with limited features is much better than the one that has a variety of features but none of them can give a seamless performance.

Ease of use

Your app interface should be amazingly easy to use and relive to the end-user. Complex app usability distracts users so make sure that you offer easy usability to the users. 

How much will it cost to develop an app like Alexa?

Based on the business requirements different factors can be outlined. Before you get engaged with a mobile app development company for business quotes it is good to get familiar with the cost influencing factors. 

Team Composition

When you pay maximum attention to app features and functionality, you cannot ignore hiring a professional app development team. The team includes a project manager, UI/UX designer, Android/iOS developers, and quality assurance engineer. 

Data Research, Analysis, Planning 

Research is the most crucial aspect where you collect the data insights to get a clear picture of the market. The research team collects that data which is further used to make project plans, develop strategy, and identify market demands. 

Choice of Platform 

The different types of app development platforms made it a challenge to choose a single platform for developing an app. Different platforms take a different approach to app development. Based on your target audience you should determine what platforms are suitable for developing an app for your business. The cost and development timeframe varies as per the choice of your app development platform. 

Features And Functionalities Implementation

Implementation of required features and functionalities is another vital aspect that affects the cost. These factors hold a massive influence on the overall cost of mobile app development. To make your app fight against competitors you need to add premium features to it. 


AI and machine learning based applications has become a new trend in the app development market. From small to large size businesses are investing in the implementation of AI and ML. No wonder that apps like Alexa have become a prominent part of our day to life. We are more into using voice searches rather than typing long text to get the result of our queries. 

To create a completely useful and proficient voice assistant application, it’s great to take the help of an experienced and reputed mobile application development company. You can choose a reputed organisation to avail professional app development services.  To incorporate the best functionality of AI and ML into your app, follow the right app development approach.

Author’s Bio:

Brian Comel is a senior app developer at Sparx IT Solutions. He is a skilled programmer and has great experience in developing creative applications. He also likes reading and writing informative blogs and articles.