Tips For Writing An Amazing Resume

One of the biggest trends regarding resumes in 2018 is creating a brand out of yourself and promoting it. This mostly works on social media – on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to be specific.

But talking about the resume itself – how should it look like in order to succeed? Here you’ll find some great advice on how to create an amazing and effective one.

Get Inspired And Use Professional Templates

If it’s been a long time since you last wrote a resume, it would be a good idea to refresh your knowledge about the latest trends. There are many great examples on the internet – you can either browse the ones that represent your profession or look through many different kinds.

Many inspirational examples can be found on Pinterest and even LinkedIn. If you prefer looking it up on Google – that’s fine too.

Another way to find inspiration and actually start creating a resume is by using a professionally made resume template. Some excellent resume templates can be found on Novoresume – here you’ll find out that resumes can be divided into different types. Depending on the professional field that you wish to work in and the details that you want to highlight you can choose a creative, basic and many other types of resumes.

Always Write A Cover Letter

To show your future employer how important this job opportunity is to you, always write a cover letter where you will show off your motivation and advantages. You can find many examples of cover letters on the internet. If you wish to learn more about the importance of the cover letters, there is a great article on Forbes about this topic.

Also, keep it in mind that in a motivational cover letter you can say much more than in a resume. You can explain why your specific experiences and qualities are perfect for the job, and tell your future employer what advantages you would bring to the company.

Choose The Most Suitable Format

We’ve talked a little about different types and forms of resumes. A lot of people tend to like the colorful and modern resumes that designers and other creative workers use. But it’s definitely not the best fit for everyone. For example, if you are or want to become a serious and respected lawyer, a resume like this one would look more than strange.

So examine each and every format in order to define which one suits you the best. You’d be surprised how many different types there are: simple, creative, functional, modern, basic, professional, executive, and even specialized ones for college students.

Decide What Information Needs To Be On Your Resume

Don’t put your entire life story on your resume. In other words, it would be wise only to pick those experiences, skills, and milestones you’ve accomplished that can help you land a specific job position.

Also think about the fact, that some experiences could be more of a disadvantage than an advantage. It differs depending on your work sphere, but, for example, something like often changing work positions or working with competitors might not be taken so well.

Keep The Design Simple

Pick simple font families, simple colors, and avoid drastic color combinations. The person who is going to read your resume will probably be reading at least a few of them. Therefore make it easier for this person to understand your experiences by highlighting only essential achievements and milestones. Also, make it easier to focus on your resume and avoid too colorful elements.

Add Contact Information

If you have a well-prepared profile on LinkedIn – definitely add a link to your profile on your resume. This will show your potential employers that you are serious about work and your profession. People who are connected with you on LinkedIn can even evaluate you for some skills – this could play as your advantage as well.

Also, don’t forget to add your necessary contact information, show that you pay attention to detail and are serious about this work position. Not adding a phone number may lead to losing a great opportunity.