Blogging has been with us for years now, and it had its time of highest peak. But with years passing by people started to look for newer forms of communication and information sharing that would be more accessible.

Here podcasts came by and started getting really popular very fast. And it’s logical because podcasts are very convenient with this fast life rhythm – you can listen to it anywhere. And there are some really fun and inspiring ones.

If podcasts inspire you and you want to become one of the people who make it happen, here you’ll find some useful tips on how to start.

Ask Yourself: What’s Your Biggest Motivation?

Decide what motivates you the most and drives you up to the front. Why do you want to start making a podcast?

There might be many different things that could lead you – but if one of them is making a career from it and earning a pile of money, then it will have to wait. First of all, you need to find the purpose why are you doing it in the first place, why not something else instead? Why not an e-store?

First, focus on spreading your ideas, teaching others, and sharing your knowledge, maybe even growing your business and using the podcast as a promotion channel. Afterward, when you have a bigger audience of listeners, when people actually like your content and tend to share it – then you can start thinking about how to make some money out of it.

Can You Be Consistent?

If you start something, podcasting at this case, ask yourself the question if you are serious about this plan? Is this just some idea that you want to try out and see if it’s fun or not, or are you determined to go through all the phases of non-popularity just out of your strong wish to spread ideas?

If people start to like you and follow you, they’ll expect some consistency, and regular content delivered. So just make sure you are up for it.

Plan Your Time

Consistency comes with planning your time and specific work tasks. The best idea with blogs, vlogs, and podcasts is to have an unofficial schedule and let your listeners be aware of it. For example, let them expect for a new podcast each Wednesday and make sure you deliver.

On the other hand, if you are planning a podcast just as a side activity, then really think it through if you have enough time to create as much content to keep your audience interested and continuously updated.

Brand Yourself Well

Each entrepreneur needs to create a brand of its own – online, on social media like Facebook, Instagram, collaboration vlogs, and everywhere else. Building a personal brand is hard work that also needs patience, time, and consistency.

But you can start a little simpler – by choosing the right name for your podcast. It’s an easier step, but you still have to look at it seriously, because the name of your podcast will be like the business cart. When people see it – they will immediately assume what is your podcast about.

Focus On The Topics You Will Speak About

Branding your name isn’t the only thing that needs banding. Another thing you need to decide is what are you planning to focus on. Pick some specific topics that could interest your target audience and stick to them. If you get mixed up trying different topics, it will take longer and become harder to clear out what your target audience is. Therefore it will take longer to get some loyal listeners.

Don’t Forget The Little Visual Elements And Intro

Your main visual element is going to be the Thumbnail of your podcast, so think about it carefully. On some devices it might appear really small, so don’t use small letters or other small elements. Also, remember that a more significant part of potential listeners will read your intro, so make sure you work on it and pay attention to detail.

High-Quality Is A Must

Yes, visual content and high-quality photos are super important at the moment. But so is audio for videos and podcast, so don’t be greedy when it comes to investing in audio hardware. After you have great hardware, you need to learn how to record correctly. How to record audio on Mac is a question that might come into the mind of many podcasters. Luckily there are such great guides online.