Desert Trip

A trip in any desert in the world only proves one thing; the world is such a mystery, and only the bold-minded will ever have a chance to experience these mysteries. Standing in the middle of a desert makes you realize that the world is so vast and open land covers a big portion of the planet. The idea of travelling in the desert is very exciting. You are overwhelmed with the travel and the sight.

Travel agencies such as Desert tours from Marrakech offer the greatest deals for anyone wishing to have a lifetime experience in the desert.  However, there are things you need to know to ensure your safety. The desert is a barren land and the adventures could be dangerous. Here are the key things you need to know.

Plan well

There are important details you need to gather before heading out for a journey. Always know where you intend to go, who you’ll go with and when to return. This information is very crucial and should be given to a close friend or relative who is left behind. Going to the desert alone is the most risky thing you would ever imagine. This is because things happen and surviving alone is not possible.

To help in packing, make some research and enquiries about the weather forecast. Never assume that the weather will remain the same throughout the journey. The weather is so dynamic in the desert; no one wants to get caught up unprepared for these changes.

Get lost or carry a map

Using the phrase ‘no-mans-land’ is not appropriate for independent states but for this case, you need to know that your stay in the desert means you are alone. Getting lost in the desert is common for many. Once you realize you are lost, your mind is engulfed by fear. Fear gives one the power to make even more dangerous choices. To avoid all this hustle, carry a map with you. Again, I hope you are familiar with compasses and maps! To make everything easier for you, have a GPS at all time. You can even create custom maps online and make your journey easier that way.

Water and food

Having a good supply of water and food in the desert is very important. The desert dehydrates people and you don’t want the thirst feeling there. It is recommendable that any human being takes at least six litres of water every day in the desert. You know your food appetite level. Never make the mistake of assuming that the travel agency will give you enough food for the journey. Carry enough food to keep you motivated throughout. Food boosts one’s morale of exploring more. For emergency purposes, ensure that you carry some energy drinks and foods.


A desert trip may seem similar to a beach one only that the temperatures vary in the desert.  The desert experiences extreme temperatures thus the more need to get prepared. During the day, the temperatures are extremely high. In the night, cold temperatures are always expected. In the end, you may end up suffering from heat rashes or hypothermia. Always take care of yourself during the day by securing some sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen. For the night, bring along a heavy blanket or jacket for that matter.

When to go for the trip

The basic thing to know about is the ‘when’ in every activity you plan to partake. For adventurous walks and hikes, always have them in the early mornings or late in the evening. This is to avoid the scorching sun that burns the sand during the day. No matter how tired you feel, never sit on the sand. This is because it is extremely hot. Additionally, the sand is known to harbor other dangerous creatures.

For security purposes, always check for flash floods and rainstorms. The desert is known to have these spontaneous floods especially during the summer.   The initial signs are lightening and thunders. Once you see these signs, run for shelter. Getting caught up in the middle of these storms could actually cause death.

Watch your walking and your surrounding

Deserts are known to host some of the most dangerous creatures and animals in the world. This ranges from scorpions, snakes and spiders. The worst part about these animals is that they are nocturnal. This means that they camouflage well in the sand and you may not see them at a glance.  Always look out before touching or stepping on anything. However, in case you get unlucky and get bitten, seek medical attention as soon as possible.


Not everyone gets an opportunity to have a desert trip. To make it worthwhile, make prior plans starting from booking to packing. In addition to this, take caution to avoid accidents.