Holded Business Management Software

Managing different aspects of a business can be a daunting task because of multiple elements that demand equal attention all in a single instance.  With holded, however, management of an entity becomes simplified with the intuitive software that brings together various managerial aspects of a business in a single platform.

Holded is a business management software for all kinds of companies, improves the efficiency of running modern companies by cutting down on overall time spent on making important managerial decisions. All business data is presented to you within a single interface that provides a comprehensive analysis of business transactions in an accurate but summarized fashion. There is plenty to gain from all the convenience offered by Holded such as cutting down on business expense, boosting sales volume and economizing on vital resources such as time and capital. Holded is a premium business management software that avails all the tools necessary to set short term and long term goals for any modern business entity.

Coherent Management of Invoices

Holded comprehensively covers all purchases and sales cycles and assists in creating and sending invoices which is strategic as it saves on administrative expense. The software offers multiple templates for different invoices which are relatively fast to send. It is indeed a unique business management software that is highly customizable to suit your specific business needs.  This means that recurrent transactions can be automated saving you the trouble of generating and sending invoices to different customers and suppliers every other time.

Automated Accounting

This is another crucial business element adequately managed by Holded eliminating chances for error. The software comes in handy in tracking all undertakings for certain durations including total sales, expenses incurred as well as the sum of payments made in running the business. Holded is easily integrated or synchronized to the business’ bank account without compromising on security as the platform uses high-end encryption system that is impregnable by third-parties. This makes management easier handing you absolute control with succinct financial statements and automated reconciliation of bank transactions. With an elite business management software such as Holded, the decision-making process becomes effective with precise data and reports that show the trajectory of your business.  From this it is possible to create strategies for an ambitious long term and short term goals.

Efficiency of Human Resource  

Human resource for an organized business entity is a department that can be easily overwhelmed by obligations. Holded is designed to improve the efficiency of human resources administering to essential tasks such as monitoring hiring and payroll, registering leaves and vacations for different employees, managing different benefits and so much more! Holded offers a very functional and dynamic management platform with a superior organization of different accounts yet sustaining user-friendliness.  It also gives you the control to grant and restrict access to different players within the business.

This is a management software that immediately impacts all levels within your business creating fluidity in the execution of roles. It brings a whole new meaning to teamwork, simplifies projects, makes tracking of inventory easier, gives detailed CRM insights and so much more.  The software can be accessed from a wide range of devices from any location which is convenient. Design your business’ profitability today with amazing tools offered by Holded.