Top 4 Things That You Must Consider before Buying a Men’s Wedding Band

There are always some basic rules that you should follow and some basic things that you should always consider before buying any jewelry. But for wedding jewelry, some additional attention needs to be paid and there are also some extra things that you should consider. A wedding band should be one that you are going to wear for a lifetime so you have to make sure that the band, you are choosing is durable enough to last that long. In this article, we are going to discuss some important things that you must consider before buying a men’s wedding band.

Choose your Metal

A wedding band will be the first piece of jewelry that you and your partner will buy together and will wear for a lifetime so be very specific about the metal you want, whether you want the traditional metal bands or the new types of bands that are coming up in the market like titanium, ceramic, wood, etc. You must keep your profession in mind before buying a band, for example, if in your workplace you have to use your hands too much then your band has to be durable enough to withstand frequent hits, in such cases metals like platinum will be helpful. However, if you want a durable band within your budget then you can go for tungsten, titanium, or carbon fiber bands. According to Everything Wedding Rings, titanium wedding bands are durable enough to withstand wear and tear and are also corrosion and tarnish resistant.


If you are opting for traditional metal bands like that of gold and platinum then it is naturally going to cost you more which is something around 200$ to 500$ at least. Whereas on the other hand if you want to get an attractive wedding band within your budget then there are various options to choose from such as titanium wedding bands, tungsten wedding bands, ceramic wedding bands, etc. these bands will easily fit into your budget.

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Set Your Band’s Width

The standard width of a wedding band that is preferred by most men varies between 5 millimeters to 6 millimeters. However, if you want your wedding band to have an inlay or any precious engraving then a width of 7 millimeters to 9 millimeters will be the best. If your fingers are too slender then a wedding band of width between 3 and 4 millimeters will be the perfect one to give a delicate appearance.

Getting the Perfect Size

Going to buy a wedding band but having no idea about your band size will be the silliest thing ever. Know your band size properly before going to buy a wedding band. While getting the size you have to make sure that your wedding band should not slide in and off easily as then there will be chances of your band to fall off. So make sure that your band is just big enough to slide in comfortably.


These are some points that you must consider before buying a men’s wedding band. A wedding band is a crucial thing so be sure to get it from a reputable seller offering a wide variety of options.