Since the pandemic came into our lives, a lot has changed, including some of the new additions to our favorite amusement and theme parks! Well, did you think I’m going to say something sad or boring?

The answer is no. The pandemic is just about to exit its way out, and I think we can start celebrating with some new additions to Disneyland, Universal Studios Resorts, and Six Flags as there is news about some amazing plans for these parks.

So, in this article, we’re going to talk about the Disneyland expansion, Six Flags’ new and amazing rides, and the progress of Universal Resort Beijing.

Effect of pandemic on Disneyland California and Shanghai:

From the beginning of the pandemic, Disney resorts, more commonly known as Disneyland, have been facing a crisis. During the pandemic, Disney had to make many pay cuts and reportedly made layoffs of nearly 100,000 employees across the company.

As for Disneyland California, it was closed for straight 17 days, which hit Disney with a huge financial blow. Apart from this, the new Disneyland in Shanghai that received around 80,000 visitors every day had limited the number of visitors to 24,000 by the Chinese government, which doubled problems for Disney.

Is Disney planning to expand Disneyland in California with a Disneyland Forward?

Yes, Disney announced a recent project, which will also expand to Disneyland in California, and it’ll be known as Disneyland Forward.  In this expansion, Disney will be bringing more advanced technology to the California Adventure and Disneyland itself.

Moreover, many other things can be expected, such as a Toy Story, Frozen, Peter Pan, and Zootopia Lands. Hence, we can say that there is more of Disney’s World coming to California.

Six Flags and its two new exciting rides!

It’s not only Disney who’s coming with exciting developments. Other theme parks and amusement parks are also leveling up. With that said, let’s talk about Six Flags’ new exciting rides. The first one is the Dare Devil Dive Flying Machines, the tallest ride of its kind, and it was introduced at the Six Flags Fiesta in Texas in 2021.

But Six Flags didn’t plan to stop here, so they broke the news of a new Aquaman: Power Wave amusement ride in 2022. This ride will drop the riders from the height of 148 ft before they hurl in the 700 feet track at a speed of 63miles/per hour. This will be the first water coaster of its kind, too, at Six Flags.

Progress of Beijing Universal Resort:

The well-known Hollywood Universal Studios started a project of Universal Resort in Beijing, China, and its construction is underway. This resort will include a signature Universal Studios theme park and Universal CityWalk dine-in, entertainment, and retail complex.

Plus, the resort will be having several different amusement rides and attractions too. According to the last news, the Universal Beijing Resort is done with major construction and is ready to open for visitors in May 2021.

What is Jinbo ride and what does it offer?

Jinbo Ride is a manufacturer of high-quality amusement rides in China, and it has been making these rides for over a decade now. The raw material used in the construction of the amusement rides is of the best quality. The professional staff makes the end product more durable and reliable for customers. The product portfolio of Jinbo includes roller coasters, Ferris wheels, family rides, kids ride, pirate ships, etc.


The pandemic will be finally coming to an end as the vaccines are coming in with each passing day, leading to exciting news. That people can travel and have some fun time with their loved ones at favorite amusement and theme parks like Six Flags, Disneyland and Universal Resorts.

Above in the article, we’ve shared some exciting news about the expansion of Disneyland in California that’ll include amazing new Disney-themed parks.

Moreover, we’ve also talked about the two new rides launched by Six Flags and the progress of the much-awaited opening of the Universal Resort in Beijing.

Hopefully, you’ll find this informative and interesting If you want, you can also leave your feedback about the article.