Body Fat Scale

Body fat scales are among the most readily available and economical devices for measuring body fat composition and overall weight. Today in this article, we’ll guide you on how these body analysis scales work and how to use them.

Plus, you’ll get to know some prominent advantages and disadvantages of using these scales. So, without wasting more time, let’s enter a guide on how to use the body fat scale and much more.

What is body fat scale?

Body fat scale is a personal device for measuring your weight and composition of the body that includes the proportion of fat, muscle, and water inside the body. This scale uses four electrodes to analyze this fat composition in the body. It is a perfect tool to evaluate and analyze your overall health daily.

How does body fat scale work?

The body fat scale operates using the BIA or Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis System. The BIA system is incorporated into the body fat scale to estimate proximate percentages of different muscles, tissues, and substances inside the body.

The system sends a weak electrical impulse throughout the body. These impulses encounter different body resistance levels from other muscles, tissues, and substances present inside the body.

After this, the scale utilizes a mathematical formula with some values for the electrical resistance concerning the important information related to users, such as height, gender, and age. This information is then forwarded via a smartphone app or any other electronic device paired with the body fat scale.

The mathematical formula programmed inside the body fat scale calculates percentages for the proportion of the following things:

  • Bone density
  • Muscles
  • Water
  • Total body fat

This smart system helps you identify the amount of fat in your body as fat is more resistant than water or any other substance in your body, making it easier for the body analysis scale to identify the proportion of fat in your body.

How to use body fat scale?

It’s pretty easy to use the body analysis scale. All you’ve to do is step on it and stand till the scale shows a still reading. This reading will give you information about body fat, muscle, and water composition.

What are the Pros and Cons of body fat scales?

Just like any other device, body fat scales have advantages and disadvantages, and we’re going to discuss some of the most prominent indicators in the paragraphs below so, if you’re interested in knowing that then, please keep reading.


· Convenient and easily accessible:

The first and the most important benefit of body fat scales is their accessibility and ease of use. You can order these devices online and use them from the ease of your house at any time you want, unlike other medical devices used for measuring body fat and its overall composition.

· Affordability:

While other methods like dual-energy X-ray may not be an economical way of measuring body fat and weight, body fat scales are ideal devices for affordability. The prices are reasonable, and nearly everyone can afford them without stressing about the cost of the device.


· Accuracy:

So, body fat scale is a good and economical way to measure weight and evaluate fat. However, the results generated from some of the devices aren’t highly accurate. Values related to your weight can be under or overestimated through these devices.

Hence, the accuracy of the body fat scale cannot reach 100% that you would rely on them entirely.

Is there a reliable healthcare device manufacturer in the market?

Yes, there is a reliable body fat scale manufacturer that specializes in producing healthcare-related devices. Transtek has around 5 research labs and over 400 research staff to ensure the output of qualified healthcare devices.

Moreover, the company produces durable and high-quality healthcare devices that help you track your health, progress or identify any potential health problems.

What devices do Transtek has to offer for measuring weight?

Transtek has a range of healthcare devices for analyzing and evaluating body fat and weight. Plus, these devices facilitate improving your lifestyle and help induce healthy habits in your routine.

Transtek offers a body analyzer scale that’ll keep you updated about your weight and potential fat formation in your body.

Apart from that, there’s also a fitness tracker introduced by Transtek that lets you evaluate and analyze your overall progress and enables you to live a healthy lifestyle.

Finally, the manufacturer also has a blood pressure monitor, which helps avoid hypertension and other health issues like strokes.


Body fat scale is by far the easiest way to analyze and evaluate your body weight, along with getting some basic information about the muscles, water, and overall fat composition in the body. However, it’s not 100% accurate.

It’s indeed a useful creation of man, but not precise all the time. Moreover, there are numerous healthcare device manufacturers in the market right now. Still, we want you to have information about the one that truly is a professional and high-quality producer of various healthcare devices.

So, we’d like to introduce an experienced manufacturer- Transtek to you, and we hope it will turn out to be informative and helpful for you.