Stunning Wooden Toys: Why Indigo Jamm Is One of the Best Toy Brands

It’s always refreshing to come across classic wooden toys. Today, it seems like a lot of toys require batteries thus eliminating the creative aspect of play. Carefully choosing the right toys for your kids can benefit them in a number of ways. You should always consider top-quality wooden toy brands such as Indigo Jamm instead of low-quality toys that can be broken easily and aren’t safe for your kids.

Toys Wooden: Why Choose Indigo Jamm Wooden Toy for your Kids

Established in the UK in 2011, Indigo Jamm is an award winning wooden toy company that produces high-quality from 100% sustainable timber. Their wooden toys inspire fun whilst encouraging development through safe play. Indigo Jamm wooden toys are designed to help nurture your child’s developmental skills, both physical and learning. Above all, Indigo Jamm is dedicated to create fun and exciting toys that children and parents alike will definitely delight in.

Aimed to attract children ages twelve months to three years and with safety being so important in this age group, Indigo Jamm toys wooden are made from high-quality and sustainable material such as rubber wood or birch plywood. Parents can rest assure that the toys their children are playing are free of toxins and safe for the environment.

Indigo Jamm Wooden Toy Benefits

Indigo Jamm wooden toys stand out because of their colorful and eye-catching designs and the sturdy wooden pieces are perfect for little hands that can easily pick them up to play. Toys from Indigo Jamm fall into three main categories – imaginative play, role play and ride and push toys.

No matter what your child interests are, role play toys are perfect for sparkling their imagination. Classics like Indigo Jamm Little Carpenter’s Bench to the Lyntin Kitchen will make your kids play creatively for hours. You can also get your child a 17-piece classic wooden tool box that is complete with a screwdriver, spanner, hammer, nuts, and bolts, that is great for improving their fine motor skills and coordination.

The Indigo Jamm Walkervan is a perfect ride and push toys for toddlers that is complete with 14 shaped wooden blocks and has a handle that encourages unsteady little ones to walk their toy across the room.

Nurture Learning and Imagination with Indigo Jamm Wooden Toy

Aside from providing hours of entertainment to children, wooden toys can also improve their learning process. An Indigo Jamm wooden toy not only last longer, it can foster imagination and learning and is free from hazardous substance that can be harmful to your kids.