Truck Accident

When people leave home or work to drive or when we go on vacation, they do not plan to be in a serious accident with another car or a commercial truck. But, every year thousands of people are involved in serious accidents that can cause death or catastrophic injuries. The victim’s vehicle is often destroyed or seriously damaged. The victims who survive must try to obtain compensation from the trucking company or insurance company.

Getting Justice and Compensation After An Accident

When a person is in a serious accident with a truck that is not their fault, they need to get help to cover their costs from the accident, including injuries and vehicle damage. This should be simple, with the company taking responsibility for the incident. But, unfortunately, that is often not how the situation plays out. The company or their insurance company tries to save money by denying the victim’s claim or offering totally inadequate compensation.

This is when hiring a truck accident lawyer is necessary. When a lawyer is hired who understands that the accident may lead to years of injury recovery and suffering, justice can happen. Make sure to hire a law firm that has the experience and resources to succeed in dealing with these companies and their extensive resources.

Eight Causes for Liability Claims

  1. Breaking traffic laws. Infractions by drivers including speeding, failure to yield, running red lights, driving recklessly, and other violations all cause accidents.
  2. Federal trucking regulation violations. This can include driver licensing and training, inspection and maintenance, safety requirement violations, and more.
  3. Fatigued drivers. There are rules about how long a driver can be on the road before resting. Driving beyond the hourly limit can cause drivers to lose focus or even fall asleep on the road.
  4. Driving aggressively. Truck drivers who drive aggressively to the point of recklessness can cause accidents.
  5. Driving impaired. This includes drivers who are using drugs or alcohol and then driving impaired.
  6. Loading Improperly. A truckload that is off-balance or not secured properly can interfere with how the truck handles. The driver can lose control.
  7. Hiring or supervision that is negligent. A trucking company that does not vet their drivers leads to hiring drivers with histories of dangerous driving and an uptick in accident liabilities
  8. Defective Trucks. Trucks that are not maintained or have defective parts such as brakes, tires, and other parts can cause accidents.

What To Do After An Accident

What the victim does right after an accident happens can make a big difference. If the victim is physically able, take these steps at the scene or shortly after:

  1. Call the policy
  2. Get the other driver’s information
  3. Document the facts and take pictures
  4. Get the car off the road
  5. Find witnesses and get statements
  6. Call your insurance company right away
  7. If there are serious injuries think about contacting a lawyer ASAP
  8. Get help to receive a fair settlement for the vehicle damage and any injuries sustained.

Different Car Accident Claim and Settlement Information To Research

After being in a serious car accident involving a truck or another vehicle the victim should learn about these areas of the accident claim and settlement process:

  1. The dos and don’ts of car insurance claims
  2. Pain and suffering damage calculations
  3. What to do if the other driver is uninsured
  4. The car accident whiplash settlement claim process

It is important to be educated on the basics of car accident liability and claims. Don’t rely on the insurance company in serious injury claims. Seek legal advice to get the fairest settlement.