Spice Up Your Marketing Efforts With These Content Creation Tips

Digital content is an essential part of our everyday lives. It is hard to avoid. But here’s a question, why would you want to avoid it in the first place?

Content answers our questions, makes us smile, keeps us involved, guides our everyday decisions, and much more. Content also helps businesses delight, engage, and attract consumers, bring tons of visitors to the business’s website, and in the end, generate profits. Long story short, if you aren’t leveraging content as a marketer or business owner, you are bound to stay behind the curve.

Content creation involves the generation of topics and subjects that relate to a customers’ needs and interests. Creating visual or written content around these ideas and allowing people to access this information in the form of a blog, article, infographic, or video is what content creation is all about. That said, when you create engaging content, you’ll provide your target audience with free and helpful information. Consequently, it will bring large volumes of traffic to your website, attract prospects, and retain existing customers via continuous engagement. The best content marketing strategy revolves around a few different aspects. If you want to spice up your overall marketing efforts, you will have to utilize content marketing to its fullest. Listed below are a few content creation tips that will allow you to attract, engage, and retain customers to your website;

Make your product descriptions fun to read

Unfortunately, product descriptions on a business’s website are usually dull, and people think twice before spending their time reading them. They merely consider these descriptions as a boring list of facts and details. However, some organizations do a perfect job of fulfilling SEO requirements and still try to turn their product descriptions into something engaging and fun to read.

Good vocabulary, inside jokes, or slang words will allow your product descriptions to pop out and entice visitors to spend more of their time on your products page.

Repurpose old content in new formats

One of the most overlooked elements of content creation for marketing is reusing old content. Suppose you already have dozens of articles up on medium or Hubspot. Why not compile them together and make an attractive and informative ebook? You can visit this article for making an ebook and take your content repurposing game to the next level. Ebooks are an excellent form of gated content that can help you generate more lucrative business leads.

Similarly, if you have stellar AV content, why not transcribe it and develop a lengthy blog post full of helpful information. Furthermore, if your content includes interviews and video reviews about products, add them a written Q&A to help users with their decision-making process regarding a product purchase.

Try new types of content

It is entirely normal for a company to get comfortable with a particular form of content. If you find that visuals are the best choice for you, you’ll probably go with videos and photos. If you have a passion for writing, then long-form articles, blogs, and essays might be your choice of content type. However, to improve your marketing efforts through content creation, incorporate new content types into the mix. It will help you reach more people and attract more visitors to your website.

Some content types you can go for include; how-to guides, opinion pieces, surveys, testimonials, video and photo essays, ebooks, in-depth profiles, etc.

Change Your Calls To Action

Although every company has its own set of goals and objectives, typically, content creation entails maximizing conversion rates. Content is a means to an end. A CTA is a vital aspect of the conversion process. It is a CTA that encourages your website visitors to take the next step in their buying journey.

When creating content for marketing purposes, don’t fall into the dreaded trap of repeatedly utilizing the same old boring CTAs. Sure, you can repurpose content here and there but try to be original with every copy you create. That includes incorporating new, catchy CTAs for every marketing copy or piece.

Conduct a content audit

Even if you’ve been creating content for some years without a clear direction, you can benefit a lot from a content audit. Lacking a content strategy doesn’t render all of your hard work spent in creating content useless. However, conducting a content audit is simply gauging where your content stands and whether you can take specific steps to improve it.

While a content audit might feel time-consuming and tedious, it will be worth it when you experience increased traffic and leads as a result.

Create longer content pieces

Not all the content you develop needs to be a 4000-word article or blog post. However, there are tons of SEO benefits attached to creating longer content pieces. Search engines, especially Google, prioritize longer content pieces. Hence, writing blog posts and articles that contain more than 1000 words will be beneficial for your overall SERP rankings. However, ensure that you don’t write longer content pieces merely to stuff them with more keywords and rubbish and complete the word count. Too much filler can turn out to be counter-productive and worsen your SERP rankings.

Share personal stories through your content

Although some customers support businesses, they’ll likely help people more. It is why marketers and business owners must personalize their company and bring it to life. Your business shouldn’t just be a business. It contains a group of hard-working, dedicated individuals and should possess a unique human persona.

One way to add this element to your marketing efforts is by developing content that includes your stories. It means you have to humanize your content. For instance, you can ask an employee to write content and share their experience working for your organization. Or, you can create BTS videos of how your business functions behind closed doors. The more you humanize your content, the more your audience will be able to relate to it.

Be a distinct voice on social media

If you’ve been utilizing digital marketing for a long time, chances are you already have social media accounts. However, many companies will start to follow a repetitive routine on their Twitter and Facebook pages over time. And there will come e time when posting links to your content will not be enough to drive traffic to your website.

You’ll have to develop a distinct voice on your social media accounts to engage a broader audience. Tailor your brand’s content on social media according to each platform. Pretty images for Instagram and bite-sized content for Twitter. Also, don’t forget to incorporate teasers, captions, and comments to add a touch of personality to your content.

Interact more with your audience

Social media success depends on engagement. For instance, if 2000 users view your post, how many leave a like, comment, or reaction? One way to increase engagement with your brand is by interacting more with your target audience.

If someone leaves a comment on your website’s blog post, be quick to respond. The same is the case if you upload an open-comments post on your social media page. The more time you spend building lasting relationships, the more engagement you will have with your target audience, resulting in more leads and increased revenue.


Content creation is an involved process that pays off if you know how to do it properly. Once you know the nitty-gritty of the process, you not only generate creative work, but you’ll also delight your audience with valuable and engaging content. And doing so will do wonders for your marketing efforts. After all, the purpose of an effective content creation strategy is to bring in more traffic to your website and converting more visitors into loyal, paying customers.