CBD Product Dosage

Cannabidiol is available in various formulations, including creams, tablets, oils, and gummies. All these products vary in their combination of ingredients as well as dosage. Researchers are uncertain about the dose that might be effective and safe for an individual. CBD does not affect every individual in the same way, so there’s no particular amount of its dosage that can be equally suitable for all conditions and different individuals. 

CBD is the second most prevalent cannabinoid of the cannabis plant with non-psychedelic properties. Interest in the use of CBD for health purposes has grown tremendously. However, figuring out how much CBD to take is more complex than it sounds. 

Here is what you need to know before figuring out how much CBD to take.

How to Calculate Your CBD Dosage

The amount of CBD you take depends upon the following factors:

  • Your bodyweight
  • Body biochemistry
  • The condition you want to address with CBD
  • The concentration of CBD in each CBD capsules, pills, or gummy

In other words, there are a lot of variables that go into deciding how much CBD to take. Before trying CBD, it is worth talking to your doctor about the appropriate dosage. However, if your doctor does not recommend CBD dosage, it is best to start with a low dosage. After a week, you can gradually increase the dosage according to your body’s needs. 

CBD Dosage for Beginners

For starters, your body biochemistry determines how you tolerate CBD. Here are some other crucial factors to consider:

How you take it

You might be familiar with the various administration ways of CBD. The form matters when it comes to how much you should take or how it gets absorbed in the body. The different forms include:

  • Oils & tinctures
  • Edibles
  • Topicals
  • Vaping
  • Smoking
  • Pills & capsules

Each way of CBD administration has a different onset time. Keep on reading this CBD dosage guide to getting familiar with it all.

Why are you using CBD?

People are using CBD for numerous health conditions. What you are using for matter when deciding how much you should take.

If you want to get relief from chronic pain, you can use CBD topicals to target specialized pain areas. For getting a better night’s sleep, you can administer CBD gummies. 

Other Medication

If you are on other medications, it is essential to consider how much to take and how it interacts with other drugs. For this purpose, speak to your doctor before using CBD.

When Should It Start Working?

Usually, it depends on how you take it.

If you are taking CBD edibles, they will take a longer time to produce effects as it has to bypass digestive system before reaching the bloodstream. However, sublingual ingestion of CBD oil gets absorbed quickly.

CBD onset time:

  • CBD oil dose will take – 15 – 45 minutes
  • CBD capsules dosage – 2 hours
  • Topical products – 45-60 minutes
  • CBD oil/ sublingual spray – 15-30 minutes
  • Edible CBD gummies dosage – 2 hours

The Takeaway

Before adding any CBD product into your daily regime, talk to your doctor. Typically, CBD is a safe and well-tolerated cannabinoid to use, but it is not one size all fit solution. If your doctor does not recommend an accurate dosage, it will be better to start with a relatively low dosage to determine was amount works best for you.