Shopping Guide for Beauty Bloggers

Smart shopping and researching where you spend your money are the two most crucial principles when it comes to purchasing any product. Your skin is the largest organ in your body, which means it deserves extra TLC. You probably already know that what you put in your body matters, but so does what you put on it.

Understand, however, that there is a difference between accentuating beauty, treating your skin and being manipulated into purchasing expensive and potentially non-responsive eczema skincare products. Here, we give you an informed guide and tips on things you need to pay attention to when making your purchase.

Know your Skin Type

The most critical factor in determining the right Sond skin products to keep your health optimal while still catching up with fashion is by first understanding your skin type. There may not be necessarily bad products as per se, but sometimes, you may find yourself using the wrong product on your skin.

A wrong product, especially on sensitive skin, can present with major side effects. If your skin is acne-prone or has eczema, it is advisable that you use organic skincare and natural moisturiser.

Avoid Buying into the Hype

Some of the common traps when it comes to purchasing beauty products are popularity and packaging. Understand also that coupon deals or UAE promotions are not a green light to making a purchase. If you are to buy off a friend’s recommendation, avoid paying too much attention to how good their skin looks.

To begin with, what is their skin type? If you follow fashion blogs, then you have probably come across the backlash against cult-favourite multiple Mario Badescu, where a good number reported to have experienced adverse reactions upon using it.

The point is; the popularity of a fashion brand, whether it claims to be vegan or cruelty free should not be your buying guide. The best way to approach any skincare product is by going through the ingredients list no matter how positive the reviews sound.

Natural Does Not Always Mean Excellent

Some of the familiar words you will find on product shelves may include organic skincare, natural moisturiser, vegetarian, cruelty free and non GMOs. But, did you know that some manufacturers use these as bait? Your best line of defence against reactions is reading through the ingredients. As a rule, always pay attention to the first five ingredients on the product list. These account for about 80 percent of the product’s composition.

Usually, ingredients are listed based on the highest to the lowest chemical percentage. It means that if there is any irritating ingredient in the top five, people with sensitive skin or conditions such as eczema may experience adverse health conditions. For sensitive skin, opt for higher vegan concentrations and sond products with no GMOs.

Look out for ingredients such as glycerine, which is an excellent moisturising product, ceramides and hyaluronic acid known moisturising agents, L-Ascorbic acid, an antioxidant, tocopherol a vitamin E and niacinamide, which is excellent at controlling oil and hydrating the skin. It won’t hurt to take advantage of UAE promotions or voucher codes to purchase the best brands for less.

Do a Patch Test before Buying

Great coupon Dubai deals can be exciting and quickly fade your judgement. Doing a patch test is advised in eliminating products. Patch testing helps you to determine the best ingredients for your skin without causing significant allergic reactions, clogging your pores or irritating your skin.

The point is that if the product irritates your skin in any way, however minimal, do not purchase it. Some of the ingredients you need to be wary of include fragrance, which is a major allergy trigger, sulphates that strip the skin of its natural oils, parabens, which known to throw off hormonal balance and formaldehyde as it is currently classified as a carcinogen.

Look for Online Deals

The beauty industry does not quite have a sales season. However, there are many ways of getting your product at a cheaper price on amazon UAE, one of which is through voucher codes. Be wary of some Dubai code offers. There are high chances of ending up with fake products. Look out for reviews and purchase industry names such as Sond before using a coupon code.

Most of these are vegetarian, meaning they are excellent for sensitive skin, and often times they are purchased with a coupon code. If the online store has reward programs, don’t hesitate to sign up. It is one of the easiest ways of getting great deals with coupon Dubai.Usually, these stores offer samples that allow you to try their items before buying the full package.

Have you ever invested in the wrong sond products simply because they had great deals or because you were offered coupon deals that would fetch you the trendiest brand? With just a little care when purchasing sond skin products and following the above tips, you can land on the right product and buy your brands for less when still taking advantage of great deals with your Dubai code.