A Beginner's Guide to White Hate SEO Best Practices

Search Engine Optimization is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. It refers to the technique of using search engine rules to improve the natural ranking of web pages (including websites) in relevant search engines.

WeChat is in full swing and short videos are gaining fame. There are always various so-called black technologies available for people to chase, but it seems that those people are always chasing after it. After so long, it is still a three-legged cat. The environment changes immediately.

Gradually, what is SEO; Baidu is so disgusting, you do not need to learn this kind of stuff, right? SEO is useful?

Whenever this time, I would say that I am not indifferent to general acquaintances at most, and you are happy.

SEO concept science

Search Engine Optimization is Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short. It refers to the technique of using search engine rules to improve the natural ranking of web pages (including websites) in relevant search engines.

Here we need to distinguish between SEO and SEM. SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing, which translates to search engine marketing. To put it bluntly, it refers to network marketing based on the search engine platform.

SEO is only a subset of SEM. SEM also includes multiple branches such as bidding advertising, news source marketing, encyclopedia marketing, and Q&A marketing. It can be said that any means to achieve display on the search results page can be included in the SEM category.

Many situations in the industry will vaguely refer to SEM specifically referring to paid bidding advertising and “free” SEO. In fact, this is a false statement (it does not matter if you close one eye), SEM bidding advertising and SEO are on the same level, But you must think clearly, SEM bidding advertising and SEM are two different things.

The SEM before the first noun is just the attributive modifier, which is a bidding advertisement. This misunderstanding is the main reason for the misunderstanding of this pair of concepts.

Why is SEO a core skill of internet marketing that is seriously underestimated?

Three reasons are given below.

1. The nature of traffic

As the right-hand man of the Internet project, the promotion and drainage sector are well known to all children, but if I ask a question, what is the core secret of engaging in traffic?

I am afraid that most people will be in the throat. They seem to know everything, but they do not seem to know anything.

The essence of traffic is the attention of netizens. Therefore, the flow of traffic based on the display characteristics of Internet information is mainly manifested in the competition for space and time on various platforms. Ensure that your information occupies the platform’s best traffic portal for as long as possible to ensure as much as possible. To attract the attention of netizens.

Strictly speaking, the element of time can even be removed, because the space grab itself covers the element of time. It cannot be said that the time has been dominant in space, but the chain is lost (the word “always” covers time).

In other words, the unsuccessful flow of traffic in the final analysis depends on the unsuccessful success of looting sites on various information disclosure platforms on the Internet, and SEO is precisely the master of turfgrass technology, and it is a skill tree that teaches you to grab sites. How can you say it Outdated?

Second, the search engine is the standard configuration of Internet products.

You may be wondering, SEO at most teaches you how to grab the site on the search engine, so it has risen to the height of the entire network to grab the site? Then you are narrow-minded.

When we talk about search engines, we may immediately think of pure search engines like Google, Baidu and 360 searches. In fact, as the most scientific, reasonable, and efficient information display tool on the Internet, a search engine is the standard configuration of almost any Internet product, whether it is a website or an APP, even if you are a small program.

Weibo has Weibo search optimization (Weibo SEO), WeChat has WeChat search optimization (WSO, WeChat SEO can also be used), APP store has ASO, even if it is Douyin, short video platforms such as Kuaishou have their own search engines. And “where there are people, there are rivers and lakes, and where there is search, there is SEO.”

The SEO of Zhenger Bajing, that is, Google and Baidu, is facing the most complicated scenarios. Correspondingly, if you know Google SEO, Baidu SEO, and you go to play search optimization on other platforms, it is simply Zhang Fei eating bean sprouts and using a sledgehammer.

The core idea of ​​SEO can run through any kind of drainage method, with the blessing of SEO skills to ensure that you play everything higher than ordinary people.

If you lack a comprehensive understanding of SEO, even if you stay in the Internet industry for 100 years, your moves will look flawed.

Third, SEO has pinched the lifeblood of the way Internet information is exposed.

So far, there are no more than two ways for netizens to obtain content on the Internet:

  • One is passive acceptance, which corresponds to social distribution and intelligent algorithm recommendation.
  • The other is active retrieval, the most important or even the only way is to use search engines.

In the early days of the Internet, search was even the most important way for netizens to obtain information. Human initiative determines the irreplaceable way to obtain information in the future. If the way to actively obtain information exists, SEO will certainly not decline.

What is more, the core skills of social distribution and intelligent algorithm recommendation and drainage also overlap with SEO, such as keyword-related skills.

Secondly, no matter which product’s search engine, its purpose is to serve users to efficiently find the high-quality information they need. Therefore, ranking algorithms based on certain elements often have similarities.

Give a chestnut:

Baidu SEO, the main elements involved include-meta tags, title, article titles, keywords, descriptions, internal links, external links, content originality, update frequency…

WeChat official account SEO, the main elements involved include-official account name keyword matching degree, official account introduction fan, thread number, interaction, certification, registration time, whether it is original…

At first glance, there are completely two things, but in fact, it is nothing more than assigning corresponding weights to each element to calculate a total score, and then ranking according to the performance of search display objects. The underlying logic of the two is the same.


SEO is a seriously underestimated skill, and it is precisely this underestimation that will give extra rewards to those who value it. There are tens of thousands of online marketing skills, unable to grasp the key points, and often make people feel at a loss for a long time and cannot get a jump in gameplay for a long time.

If you want skills such as SEO to get the attention they deserve, in addition to always paying attention to the update of this account, it is more important to master a set of transparent meat-based online marketing system.

SEO will never be the last underestimated skill.