Instagram Reels Editing Apps To Make Better Reels

As the social media landscape evolves, Instagram Reels has pirouetted into the spotlight, captivating audiences and revolutionizing social media marketing. With its skyrocketing popularity, Reels has become a virtual stage where content is king, and the battle for audience engagement is fierce. To wear the crown in this digital kingdom, creators must conjure high-quality, spellbinding content that stands out in a sea of endless scrolling.

Understanding the potent mix of creativity and strategy needed to thrive, this article turns the spotlight on the top 7 Instagram Reels editing apps that are the magic wands of content creation. These apps are not just tools; they’re your backstage crew, ready to polish and perfect your performance on the grand stage of Instagram. So, let’s unveil these digital maestros that can help you choreograph better reels and enchant your audience with every swipe!

Top 7 Instagram Reels Editing Apps

The social media landscape is ever-evolving, and Instagram Reels have pirouetted into the spotlight, captivating audiences and marketers alike. To truly shine on this platform, your content needs to be as polished as a diamond – and that’s where these top-tier editing apps come into play. They are the trusty sidekicks to your superhero content creation, offering many features that can elevate your Reels from mundane to magnificent. If you are looking to gain more visibility, no worries. Get more engagement on your Instagram account through Let’s dive into the digital toolbox and discover the top 7 Instagram Reels editing apps that are game-changers:

  1. Canva — Boasting a user-friendly interface with many templates, filters, and text options, plus the nifty ability to save your branding magic for future use.
  2. InShot — A treasure trove of advanced video editing features, including music, stickers, and text overlays, with beginner-friendly tutorials.
  3. FilmoraGo — A powerhouse for creating cinematic Reels with stunning filters, effects, and the sweet option to save drafts for later fine-tuning.
  4. VivaCut — Unleashes the editor’s creativity with multi-layer editing and keyframe animation, plus a partnership with Unsplash for fetching visual assets.
  5. Quik — The name says it all, offering a user-friendly approach for swift edits, AI-powered best moment curation, and many templates.
  6. Mojo — The design lover’s dream with eye-catching templates and the ability to personalize animations, text, and logos, keeping up with the latest trends.
  7. Adobe Premiere Rush — For the video virtuosos, this app brings advanced color grading and audio mixing, along with a seamless bridge to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite.

Each app has unique pros and cons, ensuring that whether you’re a novice or a seasoned editor, there’s a tool that fits your editing style and needs like a glove.


With its user-friendly interface, Canva has become the go-to digital artist’s palette for those who want to make their Instagram Reels pop. This graphic design titan offers various features, from eye-catching templates to playful filters and versatile text options to splash your story across the screen. It’s like having a creative genius at your fingertips, ready to transform your raw footage into a masterpiece.

  • Templates allow you to weave consistency into your brand’s narrative, giving your audience something to remember you by.
  • Filters and text options add that extra zing, making your content dance off the screen and into the hearts of your followers.
  • The magic doesn’t end there; Canva’s custom template-saving feature means your brand’s visual voice remains steady across your reel repertoire.

And let’s not forget the ultimate convenience – Canva quickly strides the platforms, letting you craft and edit on desktop and mobile devices. So whether at your desk or on the go, Canva has your back, ensuring your Instagram Reels are nothing short of scroll-stopping.


Fancy yourself a maestro of mobile movie magic? Look no further than InShot, a veritable Swiss Army knife of video editing tools. This app is chock-full of features that cater not just to the needs of Instagram Reels creators but also to those aspiring to give their stories an extra dash of pizzazz. With InShot, you can slice and dice your footage precisely, thanks to its easy-to-use trimming and cropping functions. But that’s only the opening act!

  • Want to take your viewers on a smooth journey from one scene to the next? The app’s seamless transitions are your ticket to a silky-smooth cinematic experience.
  • When it comes to audio, InShot can catch all of the beats. You can synchronize your favorite tunes, plaster your Reels with fun stickers, and overlay them with snappy text to deliver your message.
  • For rookies, navigating the ocean of editing options might seem daunting, but fear not—InShot’s in-app tutorials and tips are like a trusty compass guiding you through the stormy seas of video production.

Whether you’re a newbie dabbling in digital storytelling or a seasoned Reels architect, InShot is tailored to help you craft compelling content that resonates with your Instagram audience. Let your creativity run wild, and watch as your Reels rise to applause!


For those who want to feel like Spielberg while scrolling through their phone, FilmoraGo steps into the spotlight. This app doesn’t skimp on video editing capabilities, with a palette of filters, effects, and transitions that can transform your Reels into mini blockbusters. If you want to create a slow-motion epic or a hyper-lapse hustle, the app’s feature to adjust video speed is your magic wand.

  • Bring your narrative to life by adding a voiceover to your Reels, lending them a personal touch or an informative edge.
  • Do you need more time to decide about your masterpiece? No worries! Save and edit drafts of your Reels so you can return to your creative cauldron whenever inspiration strikes.

Think of FilmoraGo as your pocket-sized editing suite; whether you’re a vlogger on the move or an artist waiting for the muse, your Reels will never miss a beat—or a cut!


For the social media virtuosos who like to splice their reality into a masterpiece, VivaCut stands tall as a video editing maestro. It’s not just another app on the block; this is where sophistication meets user-friendliness, allowing you to bring that professional sheen to your Instagram Reels. With its multi-layer editing capabilities, imagine layering your narrative like a delicious seven-layer dip, each one adding its unique flavor. And let’s talk about the magic of keyframe animation—it’s like giving life to still images, making them dance to the rhythm of your creative pulse.

  • Audio Adjustments: You can splice in the perfect background track and play the audio levels like a DJ, ensuring your beats hit just right.
  • Stock Assets Integration: Need a breathtaking visual that you didn’t capture? VivaCut is in cahoots with Unsplash, offering a treasure trove of stock photos to elevate your content.

This app doesn’t just hand you the scissors but the entire editing suite. VivaCut turns your phone into a canvas of possibilities, making your Instagram Reels stories and experiences.


When it comes to whipping up Instagram Reels that capture attention with the swiftness of a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat, Quik is your go-to app. This is the digital wand for those who value speed and simplicity. Its user-friendly interface charms beginners and pros alike, allowing you to conjure up some Instagram magic without breaking a sweat.

The app’s treasure chest of pre-made templates are like secret ingredients to your visual potion. You can customize these with personal media, transforming your reels into personalized narratives that resonate with your audience. But the true sorcery lies in Quik’s AI-powered feature, which analyzes your footage and picks out the most captivating moments, ensuring your reel is enchanting.

  • Streamlined, intuitive design for quick edits
  • Variety of customizable templates
  • AI-powered highlights selection

Whether you’re a time-crunched content creator or a social media sorcerer looking to cast a spell on your followers, Quik is the spellbook you need to create reel magic.


Stepping into the world of Instagram Reels with Mojo is like slipping into a designer suit tailored just for you. This app doesn’t just edit; it transforms your content into eye candy with its design-focused interface. Imagine you’re an artist, and Mojo hands you a palette full of customizable templates so each reel you craft is a masterpiece reflective of your unique style.

  • Get creative with text, adding a splash of personality through animations and bespoke fonts.
  • Inject your brand’s spirit by popping in your logo, ensuring your reels are not just seen but remembered.
  • Stay on the pulse of digital trends with frequent updates, ensuring your content stays fresh and engaging.

Mojo is akin to having your digital wand – with a flick; you can enchant your audience and keep them spellbound, watching your stories unfold reel by reel.

Adobe Premiere Rush

For those who have already dipped their toes into the ocean of video editing, Adobe Premiere Rush offers a treasure trove of professional-level features. Imagine wielding the power of color grading to set the mood of your reel or mixing audio like a DJ to ensure every beat hits just right. This app isn’t just a tool; it’s an artist’s palette for the visionaries of Instagram Reels.

  • Seamless Integration: Move effortlessly between Rush and other Adobe Creative Cloud apps. Need a graphic from Illustrator or a touch-up in Photoshop? No problem. The creative workflow is as smooth as butter.
  • Advanced Features: Tailor-made for those with a keen eye for detail, Rush brings sophisticated options such as audio mixing and motion graphics templates to the table, making it the secret weapon for experienced editors.

While it may appear daunting at first glance, the payoff of mastering Adobe Premiere Rush is an unparalleled ability to craft Reels that tell a story and captivate the audience with cinematic finesse. So, if you’re ready to take the director’s chair and elevate your content, Adobe Premiere Rush is waiting for the clapperboard to snap!


As we’ve twirled through the digital kaleidoscope of Instagram Reels editing apps, it’s clear that creative excellence is just a download away. Each app we’ve explored offers a unique palette of features to embellish your social media stories. From Canvas brand-consistent templates to Adobe Premiere Rush’s high-octane editing tools, these apps equip you with the artillery to make every second of your Reels count. Whether you’re a budding influencer or a business aiming to capture the zeitgeist of your industry, the right editing app is your secret ingredient to creating content that resonates and engages.

Remember, the social media stage is vast, and to shine, you must be seen and memorable. Leveraging these apps, your Reels can become the visual symphony that dances to the algorithm’s tune, ensuring your content doesn’t just float but soars across the feeds of millions. So, take these tools, craft your story, and watch your Instagram presence bloom.