How to Properly Care for Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Traditionally, it’s the men who choose the engagement ring for a surprise proposal to their partners. However, some non-traditional women prefer to pick their engagement ring, and that’s totally okay. There are even advantages to it because there is assurance that they will like the style and design, and it will be the perfect fit. If you are looking for an engagement ring, visiting will show you a fantastic range of choices. You will find various shapes and styles of diamond engagement rings that also come at different prices. Once you have your engagement ring, you must care for it properly. Here are some tips on how to do that.

Get it professionally cleaned

It’s recommended that you get a professional cleaning service for your diamond engagement ring at least twice a year. If a local jeweler made your ring, they might offer this service for free and for a lifetime. When you get your ring from, they will lead you to local jewelers around your area, where you can personally see and pick your ring once ready. Check with the jeweler who made your ring if they offer free cleaning. If not, you may need to pay for the service.

Clean it at home

Aside from having professional cleaning twice a year, it also needs regular cleaning that you can do at home. Do it at least once a week to remove dirt and oil that may build up. There are cleaning solutions that are safe to be used for diamond rings. Your local jewelry store may also carry these solutions, or they can give you advice on the best brand to use. Some things are readily available in the house that you can use for cleaning like toothpaste and dishwashing liquid.

Get insurance for your engagement ring

It is another advantage of getting the ring together with your partner. Some men forget to insure the engagement ring. See to it that you have yours insured as soon as you make the purchase, so you will have peace of mind that you will be covered if something happens to it.

Do not resize hastily

The temperature and some activities can make the ring feel tight or loose. When things get back to normal it will fit right again. Also, when you get pregnant, there is a chance that your fingers might swell. Do not have the ring resized because of that because things might change again after the pregnancy.

Designate spots at home where to place it

There are times that you may need to remove your ring to do something at home. Designate specific areas at home where to put the ring, so it will be easy to find when you want to wear it again. If not, you can easily misplace it, and you may need to turn the house upside down to find it, especially since it’s a small piece.

A quality diamond ring may be sturdy, but it still needs proper care to keep its beauty and to make it last for a longer time.