Roblox Multiplayer Horror Games You Must Try Out Now

Roblox is an online gaming platform where you can find a wide variety of games. Despite being quite popular and having a large player base, it remains less known than it should be. 

Roblox contains all the popular genres of games that you might like. As such, it also features a range of horror games worth trying out. You can enjoy most of them with your friends as these games are multiplayer. 

If you have not tried any Roblox games yet, now would be the time to do it. Check out the popular ones from the horror category that are listed below. 

You can also visit the official Roblox site to find more games you might be interested in. 

Top 10 Roblox Multiplayer Horror Games

You can download Roblox games and play them free of cost. They usually feature some paid content that you can access by making in-app purchases. You must maintain all your essential Roblox game files to prevent issues with launching the game. 

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Here are the Roblox horror games that you might enjoy playing with your friends:

  • Dead Silence

There are quite a lot of scary games on Roblox, but very few of them might be able to match Dead Silence. As many players would agree, this is the scariest Roblox game you can play currently. So, you might want to try it out first before the other games listed here.

In Dead Silence, you play the role of a private investigator who is investigating the disappearance of a woman. Also, this woman named Mary Shaw is supposedly dead and haunts the neighbourhood. Dead Silence offers you a lot of eerie sound effects and other exclusive experiences of a horror game. 

  • The Maze

Do you want a team-based horror experience? Roblox can offer you that as well with The Maze. In this game, you start in an underground maze and must get out of it. Moreover, you would only have a camera and a flashlight with a limited battery at your disposal. The Maze allows you to add up to 12 people if you are unwilling to play it alone. 

Your friends can be helpful in defeating the strange creatures you come across in this game. So, you might want to take one or two of them along on your journey. 

  • Zombie Attack

As the name suggests, this game is about fighting off zombies as they attack you in waves. It can be quite fun if you play it along with friends. The zombies would come in waves and you simply have to eliminate as many of them as you can. This is the best Roblox game for players who like zombie games. 

You must note that you would face new types of zombies as you progress. However, progression also unlocks new rewards that are unavailable at first. 

  • The Mirror

Here is yet another Roblox horror game that you can enjoy alone or with friends. You have to navigate through an underground place filled with mirrors in this game. Also, the scary part is that the mirrors may contain something more than your reflection. 

Apart from the scary surprises in the mirrors, you also get eerie sounds in this game. You might prefer to play this game alone to maximise the horror experience. 

  • SCP-3008

This game has become popular quite steadily among players since it came out. You can choose from multiple game modes, including a single-player and a 100-player mode. The main objective of this game is to survive in an endless furniture store and protect yourself from humanoids. 

You must build shelters and find food and sleep, among other things, to survive in this game. Also, you can interact with other players you come across and team up with them if required. Overall, SCP-3008 offers you a fun survival horror experience. 

  • The Mimic

This game features single-player and multiplayer game modes and is based on Japanese urban legends. The level designs are scary, and you can experience them with your friends. You will have to face a lot of jump scares and sudden loud noises in this game. 

This game can even make you suffer if you decide to play it alone. So, you might want to bring along some friends to make the journey a bit easier. Rest assured, you will have a lot of fun while playing it. 

  • Survive the Killer

As you might have guessed, this game is about hiding and escaping from a killer. However, you can take up the role of the killer as well if you want to. Also, you can experience this game in single-player or multiplayer modes. The rules are quite simple– the killer eliminates as many other players as possible, and the survivors must escape their fate. 

Survive the Killer offers you a great mixture of horror and adventure. Also, it is among the most popular Roblox games as of now. You can enjoy it by teaming up with your friends. 

  • Insane Elevator

Are you looking for a scary Roblox game for all ages? In that case, you must try out Insane Elevator for a fun experience. You can complete the levels in this game alone or with your friends, depending on your preference. It features scary clowns, among other things that you might have seen in scary movies. 

In multiplayer mode, you must get into an elevator with other players and go through various floors. Surviving each floor will get you various rewards before you move on to the next one.  

  • Breaking Point

In this game, you sit at a table with several other players and must try to eliminate them. You must wait for your turn to use the weapon after other players. The last player standing would be the winner, and you have multiple modes to choose from. 

This game offers a very unique experience, and that is why you might want to give it a try. You can have a great scary multiplayer experience with your friends on Breaking Point. It is surely one of the best overall Roblox games across all genres. 

  • Asylum

This game is divided into two chapters, and you must explore an abandoned mental asylum in the first one. Similar to all other games listed here, you can play this one in multiplayer mode. You also get to solve riddles in Asylum apart from enjoying the adventure. 

In the second chapter, you must explore a very scary complex right next to the asylum. Asylum might become your favourite Roblox horror game as it has many players. Regardless, it is one of the horror tiles on the platform that you must give a try. 

Explore More Roblox Horror Games

As mentioned, Roblox has many more horror games to offer you apart from the aforementioned ones. So, you might want to explore the platform all by yourself to find more titles worth trying. You must also consider asking your friends for suggestions regarding the best Roblox scary games.