All the changes that affected the profession system in World of Warcraft Dragonflight

Starting with the Dragonflight update, the developers from Blizzard seriously began developing and reworking a full-fledged profession system in order to restore them to their former glory and popularity.

For players who like to engage in optional activities and want to earn WoW gold by performing actions that are useful for the entire server, which will physically fill the markets with valuable goods that will be redeemed and used to strengthen heroes.

A lot of things have changed, and the main thing is that these changes first of all moved towards simplifying all mechanics, while mixing the potential in the direction of new mechanics that will be interesting and unique to most collection and production masters.

If you seriously pay attention to professions, and not just the main gameplay of leveling up your character, then you will have the opportunity not to buy WoW gold, but to earn it by collecting resources or creating goods.

New interface

The first thing you will encounter is the updated interface.

In it, you will find much more thoughtful and understandable sections, tips and even systematic training.

You will see a complete list of items that you can potentially create in your chosen profession.

Each material that is included in the recipe must be followed to create the necessary items and by pointing at any of them, you will see the place and method of production and the potential quality of the items that can be obtained if you use high-quality items instead of standard ones.

Characteristics of professions

Each profession, regardless of its focus on collecting resources or producing items, has its own new, special characteristics that should help every master gatherer and artisan.

All new parameters are increased with the help of special equipment designed to enhance characteristics.

It could be:

  • Accuracy – increases the likelihood of receiving more materials than originally intended.
  • Resourcefulness – allows you to get results by spending much less resources than originally planned.
  • Overproduction – Use production skills to get more final items than originally planned.
  • Attentiveness increases the likelihood of receiving more quality materials.
  • Mastery – allows you to get a one-time boost to your profession skills and increase the likelihood of creating a high-quality item.
  • Speed – increases the rate of processing materials and collecting resources.

Equipment for working with professions

Starting with the Dragonflight update, all representatives of professions now have equipment options that can greatly increase their performance and increase the overall increase in WoW gold by improving the overall quality of all professions that you will learn and strengthen.

But creating such equipment will not be so easy.

Blizzard did an interesting thing – they made it so that each player who followed the path of a certain profession can create only part of the useful equipment on their own.

For example, a blacksmith can create only two out of three items with his own hands, but he still needs to buy World of Warcraft gold, or contact a leatherworker to assemble a full set of items that will help you collect a full set of characteristics that will certainly enhance your capabilities as an artisan, or resource gatherer.

Equipment is divided into two types – common and rare.

You just need to make more attempts to get really high-quality items that will give an increase to the basic parameters of the craft.

The only problem will be in strengthening items that you do not create yourself, but you can buy them, or create them on the order table until you achieve the desired result.

Order table

This is a completely new mechanic that solves many new problems and makes it possible to earn more and produce high-quality equipment and weapons for yourself and others, get a lot of World of Warcraft gold by doing your favorite mechanics and crafts.

All you need to do is level up to level 60 and go to the Dragon Islands and complete a series of quests to open the main capital, where that very table will be waiting for you.

If you are a crafter, then you need to come to the table, look at the list of requests and the price in gold that you are offered for completing it, but there is an important nuance – you must have studied the corresponding recipe, otherwise you simply physically will not be able to create that item, production which was requested from you.

Pay close attention to the proposed amount and the terms of the contract, which stipulate whose resources will be involved in production, otherwise you will find yourself in a situation where you will work on your own reserves, which is especially unprofitable if this is not included in the proposed amount.

The artisan will have 30 minutes to complete the order, otherwise it will be canceled, and the strictness of execution is monitored by the interface of World of Warcraft itself.

If you look at the order table through the eyes of customers, then this is an ideal solution for bypassing the outdated and unpleasant mechanics of WoW.

As it was before, all items that had a quality higher than green could not be purchased on the trading platform. You either need to create it yourself, or use only minimal quality.

This is all because of the mechanics of automatically assigning to yourself all items of higher than normal quality, and the bypass of such mechanics began only with the advent of the new order table.

You simply order the item you need through new mechanics, set the amount you consider worthy for completing such work and apply all the necessary resources to create it.

This is the only way to bypass the appropriation mechanics and get a high-quality item without throwing away all your WoW gold to develop your own profession.

The created item will be transferred to you by the in-game system and only after that the item will receive a new owner – you.

Upgrading professions and earning gold in new realities

With such a strong change and reorganization in WoW, everything has changed.

Having reached level 60 and completed all the prerequisites, you can simply stand at the order table and complete orders to earn gold, instead of buying WoW gold as before.

The only thing that can enhance your potential in a new craft is equipment and tools that will increase performance and improve the likelihood of creating truly masterpiece products, which will attract new clients and more private orders for production.

Be careful with private orders, since in them every detail is discussed between the client and the contractor with minimal system intervention, and if you do not keep track of the conditions, you risk wasting resources from your own reserves, and not those transferred by the client.

The new interface will help you deal with all the difficulties, understand how to prepare a stock of important resources and ways to accumulate such items.

Moreover, new updates have brought lovers of conscious grind back to the Azeroth servers.