Which mouthguard is the best for Protecting against Teeth Grinding

How much do you know about protecting your teeth from grinding? You may have heard of night guards, specially designed mouthpieces to keep your teeth from grinding and hurting. 

You may have even used one before or know someone who has, but if you’re like most people, you don’t know what to look for when buying one! 

This helpful guide will teach you all about mouthguards, how they work, how they can protect your teeth, and how to find the best mouthguard at Teeth Night Guard Lab!

Five best mouthguards

These are a few reasons why many buy a night guard or tooth guard to protect their teeth from grinding at night. But what makes one type of mouthguard better than another? Here at Teeth Night Guard Lab, tests have been made on many different types of mouthguards and found five worth considering. 

A mouthguard can be an excellent way to help protect against teeth grinding and other nighttime behaviors. Here are the five best mouthguards for grinding teeth:

  • A ProForm guard will provide shock absorption from teeth grinding on both the upper and lower teeth. With advanced designs and high-quality materials, this ProForm guard is perfect for those who suffer from tooth grinding during sleep or even rest!  

It comes in multiple sizes with custom forms that comfortably fit into your mouth, allowing you to wear it all night long without discomfort or pain. 

Made with durable silicone, ProForm guards last much longer than many other models available today.

  • Chomper Labs will also protect against teeth grinding by providing moderate protection. However, they don’t work as well as Pro Forms protecting your back molars. 
  • Smile Brilliant Night Guard is intended to absorb significant amounts of force from tooth-grinding during sleep. The outer layer absorbs most of the force while the inner core holds up.
  • Plackers Grind-No-More is commonly known for its ability to relieve the pressure from teeth grinding. It can withstand heavy forces because of its durability and has been proven to work extremely well for people who grind their teeth. 

Some people find that their symptoms go away entirely after wearing this mouthguard! 

  • Sentinel Extreme Hard Night Guard is another good option if you need protection against teeth grinding. It has two layers, with a rubber lining on the outside and plastic inserts inside. 

You’ll find that it fits securely inside your mouth while still being able to move easily. Additionally, unlike other mouthguards, this one won’t break down over time!

Teeth Grinding Causes

What causes teeth grinding? Bad sleep positions, poor oral hygiene, sleeping while the mouth is open, or an overbite is all factors that may contribute to teeth grinding. 

To be detailed, bad sleeping positions can happen when you lie on your back, pushing the tongue against the hard palate and increasing pressure on the temporomandibular joint

Overbites can cause excess strain on certain teeth while not biting down in areas of wear or damage (like wisdom teeth). Poor oral hygiene can also contribute to a buildup of plaque and tartar, leading to tooth decay and gum disease according to Family Dental in Batavia

Also, sleeping with your mouth open might result in teeth-grinding complications.

Teeth Night Guard Lab has developed a line of comfortable and durable night guards to solve these problems. 

Buyer’s Guide

Do you have an excessive number of teeth-grinding incidents? If so, a teeth night guard might be right for you. At the Teeth Night Guard Lab, it is known how important it is to ensure your teeth are healthy and cared for while you sleep. 

The first step in protecting your mouth while you sleep is to wear a mouthpiece or guard to keep your teeth from contacting each other. Teeth Night Guard Lab has created some helpful guides that will lead you in finding which type of guard would best suit your needs. 

Suffice it to say that everyone should seek out these guards because they can help protect against extreme tooth sensitivity due to worn down enamel and painful jaw muscles and joints.  

Most importantly, wearing a guard helps prevent severe injuries such as chipped teeth or fractured jaws caused by clenching during sleep.

Regardless of what kind of guard you choose, it’s essential to consult your dentist before buying one, as they’ll be able to determine the perfect type and size for you. 

Wearing dental protection while sleeping can save money on expensive dental bills down the road!

The Preferable Type (and why)

According to Teeth Night Guard Lab, ProForm guard is their most favorable and preferable mouthguard for teeth grinding. They claim that the three-layer design of this mouthguard does not allow your teeth to grind against each other. 

Unlike most other guards, it also has a gap that opens when you close your jaw. When you open your jaw again, it will close back up on its own without much force, so there is no need for fastening. 

In addition, the company claims that with Pro Form’s contoured shape, you can chew easier. The material used in this mouthguard makes it flexible and less likely to break if you bite down hard. 

The only downside with this type of guard is that it might be difficult for some people who wear braces or have dental implants because they do not fit inside the mouthguard well.

How to take care of your guard

  • Make sure you clean your mouthguard before use. 
  • Wear your mouthguard at night while you sleep. 
  • Don’t leave your guard on while brushing or flossing to avoid over-stressing the material and reducing protection from teeth grinding. 
  • Don’t play contact sports with a mouth guard in place, as this may result in dental injuries if not fitted properly. 
  • If you have braces or other orthodontic appliances, consult your dentist before using a mouth guard to ensure they will not be adversely affected by the mouth guard. 
  • Consult with a dental professional if you have questions about using a mouth guard, as they are an expert in correctly fitting them.


After carefully evaluating various mouthguards, you have a great alternative to help protect against teeth grinding in addition to snoring. 

Sleep apnea solution by Teeth Night Guard Lab helps relieve symptoms and improve your quality of life by reducing symptoms from mild to moderate to severe. 

With their wide range of tooth guard models, it’s sure they have one that will meet your needs and budget!