Deciding whether to rent an apartment in a booming city closer to work or live in a cheap suburb which reminds you of your dorm room experiences may not even be a logical question for most people. Countless people are choosing life in booming cities with fast growing tech hubs. Outpost Club has made it their mission to provide students and older folk alike, with affordable housing solutions. Co-living as it is referred to by many, is the act of living together with strangers in a fully furnished house and sharing common areas while having a private bedroom.

Cities from around the globe, are dealing with the affordability of housing issues, more especially in areas where the tech economies are booming with high paid newbies bidding up rent and home prices. This has thus led to an alternative to housing to serve the urbanites. Co-living has become a popular topic for anyone thinking about their future in a particular city. Co-living spaces are known for taking the form of group homes with members renting a bedroom each. Housemates may even be decided upon by considering people’s values, preferences and characteristics. Tech geeks may find the idea of co-living appeals to them.

Why should tech geeks consider co-living?

Sustainability –

More co-living spaces are considering power consumption from appliances that are incorrectly shut down or switched off. Modern methods allow one to switch off their refrigerator without causing their food to get spoiled. It is interesting to know the amount of power we consume on a daily basis and tech geeks will revel in thinking of other ways to conserve energy.

Voice activation –

This new technology is a norm in lots of co-living accommodation apartments. Commands can be made by simply saying a few simple words. You can change the light colour, switch off the light or even play music automatically with simple commands.

Smart locks –

Tech geeks will appreciate the technology that is being utilised in these accommodation spaces. If you have lost your key, you can still gain access into the premises by having your tag on you. It can be in your pocket, car or bag.

Device integration –

All devices can be integrated into one app that controls everything. This way you will not have to locate every remote for every appliance or accessory. With this app you will be able to access the temperature in your home and manage lighting without being there. This ensures that each individual is responsible for their own lives and actions.

Touchpanels –

Devices that can serve two purposes are ideal. An example is a new technology mirror that allows you to look at yourself and also control all your smart devices simultaneously.

Smart co-living is the bait

There are still many more changes that should be made to make co-living more fun, convenient and ensure it caters to everyone. The above features are some of the reasons that tech geeks will enjoy and possibly even take an interest in co-living. They will also have the opportunity to share a space with people that are just like them and form lasting friendships based on common interests.