Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

The Internet presents countless opportunities to make money online. Depending upon how much time and effort you are willing to exert, there are several ways to make money from home during spare hours or to earn livelihood.

Unfortunately, the Internet is rife with websites that offer ways and means to make money that are grossly impractical. Some such ideas are also illegal while others require massive cash investments.

Therefore, I will present seven realistic ways to make money online.

Making Money Online?

Yes. You can use the data package on your smartphone or Internet connection at home to better use and make money online. In fact, millions of people worldwide are making money online. So why not you?

Realistic Ways to Make Money Online

The ways I describe are time-tested and proven. Though there are countless people using these ideas, you too can jump the bandwagon and see your bank balance grow.

Social Media Associate

Businesses small and large are increasingly taking to social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest as well as YouTube to market products and services. While larger corporations can afford a fulltime department for social media marketing, smaller businesses outsource this function.

Working as a Social Media Associate is possible if you love using Facebook and other similar platforms. This is part-time or fulltime work, depending upon how many hours you wish to spend. It is a very lucrative and realistic way to make money nowadays.


Freelancing or finding online gigs during spare time or as fulltime jobs is a very common practice nowadays. There are several excellent websites where you can find superb freelancing jobs and gigs. In fact, the number of freelancers around the world is increasing exponentially.

Worldwide, freelancers are also found to enjoy happier lifestyle while earning more money due to flexible work hours. Freelancing also includes working on crowdsourced jobs. When an organization crowdsources a task, you get to work with a team of experts around the world and to fine-tune your skills as well.

Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping is a very enjoyable online profession. It allows you to shop online or by visiting brick-and-mortar stores. Usually, market research companies hire mystery shoppers. Tasks involve visiting a physical or online store and buying stuff. While doing so, you have to pay attention to various details such as ease of shopping, staff friendliness, pricing, ambience of the store, ease of check out, discounts and many others.

Upon finishing this task, you have to write an online review about your experience to the online or physical store. Often, the market research company will provide templates that you need to fill in to complete a review. Mystery shopping is a system that is growing worldwide. You too can make quick money online with this realistic way.

Opening a Blog

Opening a blog is not for geeks or people with highly specialized skills. In fact, anyone can become a blogger nowadays. All you need is great writing skills and immense passion about something. You can open a free blog on websites like Blogger and Wix. Or invest in buying great sounding domain name that matches with your passion, domain hosting and other essentials to create a professional blog site.

Bloggers also stand to make money by joining affiliate marketing programs such as those offered by Amazon and eBay among others. Often, companies are willing to pay bloggers to write a positive review about some product or service, since independent articles are considered as trustworthy by potential clients.

Test Apps

If you know something about apps and how they operate, work as an online app tester. There are several websites where you can register to become an app tester. App testing websites are enlisted by large companies and developers that want to check them for glitches and defects.

As app tester, you will check various apps for their features, find loopholes and snags, make suggestions on how to improve user experience and provide other vital feedback. Companies and app developers utilize feedback from you and other testers to plug these flaws.

Data Entry Operators

This is the most common, legit and realistic way to make money online. Data entry operators are in demand around the world. You can find countless jobs as data entry operator from any major recruitment portal. Such jobs are also available in your native language, if you are so inclined.

Again, data entry operator jobs can be taken fulltime or part-time. Your pay is directly commensurate with your efforts and requirements of the employer.

Online Surveys & Motley Tasks

Completing online surveys, trying new games and performing other motley tasks will not make you rich. Yet, it is a very realistic way to make money online. Market research companies reward you with points for every survey or any other tasks you complete successfully.

You can redeem these points for cash. Some market survey companies also reward you with shopping vouchers that enable buying groceries and other household stuff for free. Completing such tasks is very enjoyable and can be done from your smartphone while commuting too.

In Conclusion

There is no dearth of realistic ways to make money online. While some of these methods require specialized skills, other ways to make money online can be used by anyone with basic knowledge of computers and the Internet. In some instances, you need not to invest in a computer: your smartphone is enough to make money online.