How Entrepreneurs to Boost Business Productivity

Keeping up with all the deadlines while making time to meet clients is very demanding. However, more challenging is the task to motivate employees to work on a project. From monetary benefits to work appreciation, there are many ways of motivating employees.

However, at times, despite all the encouragement from the top management, they fail to perform well. As a result, the company’s productivity suffers. Which translates into reduced profits. While prominent companies have a cushion to deal with minor losses, smaller and newer companies cannot afford to bear even the minutest of losses.

Therefore, it is important for entrepreneurs to adopt tactics that can help boost their business productivity.

Gary Brewster as a Business owner of  Oneida, TN shares a few ideas that will ensure maximum business success. Beyond business, Gary is helps organizations and guide young entrepreneurs get their start.

Here are some, from the pool of many, practical tips given by Gary Brewster that can help increase the productivity of a business.

Targets and Deadlines

One of the best ways to improve productivity at your workplace is to set defined and clear targets. You need to provide the employees and yourself in direction. For that purpose, you should have your targets set, to begin with. For example, you should assign specific targets to different teams. And in case you are too young a company to have teams, assign targets to the employees that you have. These targets can be in the form of sales, traffic on the website or any other monetary or non-monetary targets. Employees will have to achieve those defined targets but in a given timeline. Otherwise, the employees will take full liberty to achieve the targets at their own ease. But this is not how it works. Set targets and define deadlines for your employees and for yourself as well. This will help you plan better and ahead of time. Thus, increasing the productivity of your business.

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Minimize Meetings

Apart from discussing important issues (at times), do you know what else the meetings are good at? Wasting time. In fact, there are studies that also support this claim. According to a study, around $ 37 Billion a year is wasted on meetings. Not only this, no one talks about the time wasted as a part of traveling from one place to another for these meetings. Even if you do not have to travel to another place for meetings, the time that you have to specifically dedicate to a meeting means that you cannot do anything else during that time. This affects the whole flow of the work and business operations. Because it is obvious that the individuals will have to stop everything that they are doing to attend the meeting. And during that time they cannot connect to any clients or do anything in the capacity of bringing in business. Therefore, try to cut down on meetings as much as you can. And when not necessary, try to hold virtual meetings over video calls.

Reduce Interruptions

Try to keep the interruptions at the workplace to a minimum level. They distract the employees who are not able to perform to their full capacity. Some of the common interruptions at the workplace could be access to social media and the employees listening to music.

These can take the employees to another world. Like literally. If a worker is listening to music, he will not be interested in doing any sort of work, even if he pretends to. Talking of social media, if the employees get access to sites like Facebook and Instagram, all they would do is spend time scrolling them.

Some would be interested in looking for the latest fashion trends while others would fancy connecting to an old friend. Because these things are more tempting than the work itself. Therefore, it is important that you make your office an interruption-free zone. This will be beneficial for your business.

Take Breaks

No, this does not imply that the employees start taking numerous amount of breaks. You need to specify times when the employees are allowed to breathe some fresh air. This could include times for lunch break, tea break or even smoke breaks. These mini breaks are important as they give the employees some time away from the tedious routine.

Apart from that, these help the employees’ brains function better as a tired brain loses the ability to come up with new ideas. Therefore, specify times and make sure that the employees get some breathers between work.

Incorporate Technology

Unless you are living in the stone age, you would have employed technology in your day to day work. And if you think that you can save money without using technology while you keep operating your business through manual methods, you are wrong. Not only will you end up losing money in the end but you will also waste a lot of time.

The work that your employees can complete in maybe an hour with the latest software might take them a couple of days with the manual methods. It will not act to your benefit. You know exactly what happens when you miss a deal, don’t you? If you do not keep up with the technological advances, you will not progress. If technology does not support your business model, then you will definitely lose clients.

100% Connectivity

Almost all the work these days is done online. Therefore, you need an efficient and fast Internet connection. The employees need to stay connected to each other as well as the clients. You are very well aware that the modes of connection include emails or video calls.

If not that, then WhatsApp is a very popular tool. Therefore, it is crucial that the employees are connected to the Internet with blazing speed at all times. The connectivity issues should not pose a problem to the employees.

Make a wise and informed choice when it comes to choosing an Internet service provider. You cannot afford to subscribe to a network whose service goes down very often. It might seem like a money-saving choice to you. But it will affect you in the long run. As you will not be able to cash out many deals because of the poor connectivity issues.

Say Bye to Push Notifications

Push notifications act as interruptions as well. How many times have you found yourself staring at your mobile when you received a notification? I am sure there are plenty of such instances at the workplace daily. So, apart from putting your mobile to silent mode, you need to turn off these notifications for a certain period of time. Because they act as major distractions at the workplace.

And once you are distracted, you cannot continue the work with the same level of concentration. Not to forget the time you end up wasting when one post leads to another. And before you realize, you end up spending an hour surfing various social media sites. Mobile phones are both a blessing and a curse, in this regard.

With that, we come to the end of the list of tips to make your workplace productive. Because what good is a business that is not functioning at the optimum level!

About Gary Brewster:

Gary Brewster of Oneida, TN has led an impressive career as a successful business owner in his 25 years working in the commercial roofing industry in Oneida, Tennessee. He is a trusted business leader who diligently helps customers solve any roofing issues or concerns. Through his commitment to growing successful businesses in the community, Gary has also invested in other industries such as Brewco LLC., TN KY Pawn, and T&T Car Wash.