Each of us, who is into some kind of digital marketing, knows how important it is to verify email addresses before we start sending a typical business email to every person from the contact lists one at a time or in bulk. There are good email marketing tools to make things easier for you. In this article, we will discuss one such tool, Snov.io Email Verifier. Today we will keep our focus on how to use this software more efficiently. We will share as many screenshots as possible to make things easier for you. Before we dive deeply, let us start with a brief feature list of Snov.io to make you aware of what this tool offers you.

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Snov.io Email Verifier Features:

  • On-the-go email verification right from the browser. With the help of a browser extension, you can check emails without even leaving the page.
  • Email verification in bulk. You can either upload your own list of email IDs and verify it or check the email list found with a finder tool.
  • Single email check. If you want to verify one single email, you can do it as well.
  • Export verified email addresses. When the process is over, you can download the verified list. You can also filter and export only verified, or catch-all, or invalid email addresses.

Now, let’s focus on how to use Snov.io Email Verifier.

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Stepwise guide of using Snov.io:

#1. First, go to the Email Verifier page and click the Chrome Webstore button.

Chrome Webstore button#2. You are automatically transferred to the Chrome Web Store. Add the extension to the Chrome browser.

#3. Go to snov.io and Sign Up (it is completely free).

signup#4. Finish the registration by typing in all necessary information.

#5. Go to any webpage you are interested in, be it the professional social network or a company webpage. Click the Verifier icon.

email Verifier#6. Choose the email list or create a new one on-the-go. Click the Verify button.

#7. After that, go the Snov.io account. Since now, you can see the results of the verification, delete the invalid and/or catch-all emails. If you need, you can export the filtered email addresses.

#8. If you already have a list of names and email IDs in your system, you can import it here to verify and see whether it is valid or not.

#9. Go to the Prospects tab. Click the Add list button, then the Import from file button. Set the columns’ names if you have ones.

Verify current list#10. After that, click the Verify current list button.

#11. Once verified, you can directly send emails to the new filtered prospect list.

#12. Now let’s assume that you don’t have a readymade prospect list. What will you do? Under the people’s list, you will find the option of “Find Emails”.  When you click on it, three blank cells pop out asking you to input the First name, Last name, and domain name respectively. If you already know the person’s name, then put it along with the domain name. If you don’t have it, all you have to do is input the domain name. Snov.io will show you all the email addresses that are associated with the domain. You can easily search for the email IDs you are looking for and send emails.

Find Email#13. Similarly, under the tools section, you will get options of domain search, bulk domain search, company profile search, source URL search, Email from names, Linker, Technology checker, and Gmail email tracker. These are nothing but quick links of the email searching options.


Snov.io is a wonderful email checker to use and the best part is that it also comes with a free package. Though the free version comes with a lot of limitations, you are able to see how well it works on par with other such tools. We suggest you to try this email verifier tool even if it is the base package. Let us know about your personal experience with Snov.io email verification tool. Do not hesitate to ask if you have any query. You can use the “Comments” section for this.