A Quality Email Verifier is an Important Key to Email Marketing Success

The most important marketing task for commercial organizations is an organization of effective sales. To achieve this goal, managers are trying to go to the most modern and advanced tricks.

Today, during the time of the total spread of IT-technologies, one of the affordable ways of conducting advertising activities for many firms and companies is considered e-mail marketing. The advantage of this type of advertising, of course, is its affordability and low cost, because there are many similar offers on the IT-services market, and each of us has everything we need to organize it.

First of all, these are advertising materials that are available to all managers. And also it is the Internet, the possibility of carrying out financial transactions at the expense of it, and the convenience of cooperation with remote specialists. Since these emails are very important, you do not want this to land on just any other employee’s email. This is why services like what Klean Leads offers exist in the market right now. This may be an additional expense but if you think further, you’ll realize this could potentially save you time and effort as well as closing the deals you are trying to make.

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But for the organization of an effective advertising company, the actual database of e-mail addresses is also very important, which is developed by managers and which is most often available for remote specialists in this type of advertising. It must be well understood that the success of such an advertising company does not always depend only on the quality of advertising materials. A good IT-specialist will say that the success of his work depends on the correctness and operability of this database, the validation and cleaning of which must be carried out periodically. And such a specialist will be right if he is interested in a long-term cooperation and due to this he also has his financial interest so that he be contacted as often as possible.

To check such a database conveniently, there are even special services, like the email verifier service TrueMail.io.

What can I check in the email database by using this service?

– Correct syntax (if the signs ‘@’, ‘.’ are missing), a correct domain name, and some other similar errors.

– Identification of duplicates addresses. When the mailing list becomes large enough, it often has duplicated email addresses that must be immediately excluded.

– Identify blacklisted addresses from which many complaints are received, as well as special ‘service’ email addresses that are highly undesirable to use, as they are often determined by position or other target audience.

– Remove from the database invalid emails, the SMTP connection with the servers of which is no longer available or is temporarily absent for some technical reasons.

– Identify temporary or one-time addresses, the contents of which are not viewed by users, as well as identify domains that are not mail and do not currently receive mail.

– Perform filtering by a variety of parameters, by user settings.

Checking the email database for the mailing, called verification email, is a highly desirable procedure in all respects and highly recommended before starting it. It helps users not only save time and money (since mailing is not free and its cost depends on the number of sent letters), but also maintains a high reputation of the company, helps to avoid unwanted blacklisting of mail servers and avoid other unwanted problems.

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