Finance Experts

LinkedIn is one of the top social media sites in the world. In some industries, like business and finance, it’s the go-to spot for leaders to mingle and network with each other.

There’s no shortage of people who claim they’re experts on LinkedIn, but it can be difficult to figure out which ones have real-world experience and market knowledge. To help out, here are six minds in finance that you can follow on LinkedIn for industry insights.

1. Mohamed El-Erian

A citizen of the U.S., Egypt, and France, Mohamed El-Erian has worked around the world. He has held positions in a variety of companies and organizations including IMF in Washington, DC, and Salomon Smith Barney/Citigroup in London. He is one of the most prominent figures in bond trading and has been named on Foreign Policy magazine’s list of Top 100 Global Thinkers four times. On LinkedIn, you can get insights that focus on global markets and how you can play a role in those markets.

2. Ken Fisher

Ken Fisher, the founder and chief investment officer of Fisher Investments, specializes in behavioral finance. He has served as a financial commentator for a number of publications around the world and holds the record for the longest-running column in Forbes Magazine’s history. He focuses on why people are prone to make irrational decisions when investing and gives insight into how to cut through media narratives.

3. Larysa Melnychuk

Larysa Melnychuk is a specialist in financial planning and analysis (FP&A) and is the founder and managing director of the London FP&A Club. FP&A specializes in forecasting a company’s profit and loss and helps with financial planning and cash flow management. She works in training and consulting to help companies, while also creating innovative FP&A projects like introducing survival analysis techniques. On LinkedIn, she shares with her followers about FP&A and works to build a global professional community.

4. John Battelle

John Battelle is an avid venture capitalist, as well as the executive chairman of Sovrn Holdings and the founder of NewCo. He focuses mainly on new companies, specifically in media, technology, and consumer mobile sectors. He isn’t shy about sharing his thoughts about investment, leadership, and company management.

5. Alicia Garcia-Herrero

Based in Hong Kong, Alicia Garcia-Herrero specializes in the Pacific Rim and China as the chief economist for Asia Pacific at NATIXIS. She focuses on both the economic and geopolitical topics of the region. If you’re looking to understand the market in Asia or are simply looking for more insights about import, trade, and currency, her LinkedIn is a popular one to follow.

6. Edward Yardeni

Edward Yardeni is a go-to stop for institutional investors who can always turn to him for some real-world, unfiltered advice. As the president and chief investment strategist at Yardeni Research, he uses his insider take to help his followers better understand world trade, global financial crisis implications, and Federal Reserve policy.

Do yourself a favor and change the way your LinkedIn looks by following these experts. With them, you’ll gain access to powerful industry content and insights.