4 Mysterious Destinations Around the World

Earth is full of mysteries and unsolved riddles. There are as many legends as there are mortals. Those who believe that the world is nothing more than an ordinary land need to brush-up on their knowledge of the planet. There are many places in the world that are still an enigma for mankind to decipher.

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For every traveler looking to unearth an out-of-the-box destination and unravel some of the most gripping secrets of nature, here is a list of 4 such spots in the world that will surely enthrall your nerves. Grab some cheap airline tickets and get ready to entertain your inner Sherlock.

Moai Statues – Easter Island

Moai statues - Easter IslandOne of the world’s most famous yet little explored archaeological sites is the Easter Island, located in the Pacific Ocean at a distance of over 2,100 miles off the coast of Chile. Dubbed as the ‘most remote inhabited island in the world’, what’s baffling about the island are the gigantic stone statues, referred to as Moai.

The remote location of the island and relative obscurity has invited a lot of speculation regarding the enormous stone statues. Scattered all around the island, the origin of these statues is still unknown. Many different theories have been suggested about the creators of the statues.

Many believe the island was inhabited by the early Polynesians who probably erected the statues in the honor of their tribal leaders. However, constructing the statues would have been an uphill task, something that couldn’t have been accomplished by man alone. Few conspirators have also suggested that the statues were built by aliens.

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The Pyramids of Mauritius

The Pyramids of MauritiusThanks to its palatial holiday resorts and stunning beaches, the beautiful island of Mauritius is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world. In the year 2008, a French scientist named Antoine Gidal, along with her team, re-discovered a total of 7 pyramids spanning across the Mauritian Farmland. After much study and analysis, the scientist described the structures as true pyramids.

A striking fact about the pyramids was that they were hugely similar to those low-lying structures found on the Spanish island of Tenerife. Stark similarities between the pyramids in Mauritius and Tenerife led to the birth of the theory suggesting that one ancient civilization traveled expansively across the African Coast and erected the structures.

In both the areas, the pyramids have been constructed around a larger complex, measuring just under 39 feet and made out of lava stones. The exact origins and purpose of the pyramids still remains a mystery.

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The Eye of the Sahara, Islamic Republic of Mauritania

The Eye of the Sahara, Islamic Republic of MauritaniaAlso referred to as the Richat Structure, the Eye of the Sahara is a marvelous natural formation, the best views of which could be savored from the sky. Perhaps, that’s why it remained undiscovered for years as its bulls-eye formation is not easy to spot on ground level.

Spanning across 25 miles, the Eye of the Sahara was once said to be the site of a large impact crater. But the theory was later negated when the scientists couldn’t find enough molten rock to support the theory.

A more practical claim is that the site is actually the resting place of the ancient mythological city of Atlantis. However, it is now believed this breathtaking formation was a result of millions of years of tectonic plates and other geological movement.

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Lake Anjikuni, Nunavut Canada

In 1930, a trapper named Joe Labelle traveled to the village of Lake Anjikuni only to find the place completely desolate. He found some food, clothing and loaded rifles but couldn’t locate any of the residents. Labelle then went on to notify the cops of the news.

The cops came to the village along with Labelle and failed to discover any trace of the villagers. They also couldn’t understand why the residents left all their belongings. The weirdest part of the mystery was that the dogs of the village were also missing.

Later, they were found and it was discovered that they had frozen to death. It was believed that the dogs have been starving for days while there was open food scattered all around the grounds.

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Since, a lot of theories have surfaced regarding the disappearance of the residents. One of the explanations was given by the famous author of the book The Interrupted Journey: Two Lost Hours Aboard a Flying Saucer, Betty Hill. She has described her experience of abduction by the aliens in the book. Betty believed that the locals, like her, were abducted by extra-terrestrial creatures.

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