A Guide on Making Your Trip to Tennessee Memorable

Tennessee is a beautiful state for you to visit. It has fantastic weather and enough nature to keep you invested in exploring it city by city. If you’re planning to take a trip to Tennessee, there are a few factors you need to keep in mind.

Since each city is quite massive, you may not have enough time to see everything. It is why you should visit popular destinations and sites that will compel you to come back.

Tennessee is a culturally rich state with several heritage sites and even restaurants that will entice visitors to visit.

So whether you choose to go by car or fly to Tennessee, here are some places you should see:


The city is known for its southern hospitality and food. As you go down there to visit, keep in mind that the downtown area has been renovated heavily. If you’re in Knoxville, don’t forget to visit the Great Smoky Mountains National Parks, an hour from the city. There are numerous activities that you can do while you’re in Knoxville. Go for hiking, biking, and kayaking while snapping away at the gorgeous scenery around you. You can check in to World’s Fair Park.

Numerous refurbishments have turned this park into a beautiful outdoor space with splendid water fountains and lovely gardens.


Gatlinburg is Tennessee’s sweetheart. It is the most beloved city of Tennessee and worth visiting. You can see the observation tower, the Space Needle and get a bird’s eye view of the city. If you’re also intrigued by peculiar items, you should also visit the Salt and Pepper museum. You will witness 20,000 different salt and pepper shakers which will amaze you for years to come.

While you’re in Gatlinburg, you can shop around different stores like the Gatlinburg general store to buy locally made arts and crafts, souvenirs, and so much more.


Another popular destination is Nashville. It is the capital state of Tennessee and is also a popular destination for country music. The famous Country Music Hall of Fame is located in Music Row, a prominent part of the city. You’ll also find the famous Grand Ole Opry House down here in Nashville. You can’t culminate your trip unless you have the Nashville fried chicken. You can pair your chicken with extra spices and sauces, or you can have it in its original style.


Near the Tennessee River, close to the beautiful Appalachian Mountains, is Chattanooga. It is also the state’s most significant city that borders Georgia. Chattanooga also has the largest underground Waterfall, the Ruby falls. It would help if you stopped by the most significant military parks, the Chickamauga and the Chattanooga National Military Park. There is another exciting venue, the Railroad museum, where you can explore the history of the railroad.

Pigeon Forge

Pigeon Forge has been voted as the best vacation destination near the eastern part of the state. The glorious Dollywood also calls Pigeon Forge home. You can enjoy multiple activities while you’re visiting Pigeon Forge. These include a ride on the Great Smoky Mountain Wheel and even taking a chance to see the mountains and explore the site. 

You can visit the Titanic museum. If you have always been a fan of the Titanic movie, now is the time to pay homage to the crew members, ship, and passengers. When you enter the Titanic Museum, you receive a replica of the boarding pass that belonged to the ship’s actual passengers.

Johnson City

Johnson City is a famous outdoor adventurous spot in Tennessee. You can do so much while you’re visiting Johnson City. You can rent a bike and go down Roan Mountain and even look at the Nolichucky River. When you’re at the river, there are other activities for you to explore. You can catch a fish, float down the Watauga River and walk the Appalachian Trail. You can also check out disc golf and hiking. If you’re still in east Tennessee, you should go a bit further from Johnson City. You can visit the Sycamore Shoals State in Elizabethton. Don’t forget to stop by Bristol while you’re in east Tennessee.


Franklin is situated 17 miles to the south of Nashville. It has one of the most astonishing historical main streets full of monuments and structures. If you enjoy art and music, you may want to stroll down to Franklin. There are also exhibitions, art galleries, and studios that are worth exploring. You can experience immense history from the battle of Franklin while you’re at Lotz Museum. You may also enjoy a lovely stroll followed by a picnic at Timberland Park. So allow yourself the luxury to explore and learn as you go about your day enjoying the beautiful Franklin.


Clarksville is the fifth-largest city in Tennessee, yet it holds a great sentimental value. The town can also give you a quaint town-like feeling as you explore. If you visit the historic downtown Clarksville, you can see the Custom house museum and the cultural center. It is also much you can research by going down to the Roxy regional theatre. If you enjoy exploring the outdoors and the indoors, don’t forget about the Dunbar Cave state and park. You can also explore places like the Clarksville Greenway for hiking, walking, and even cycling. If children accompany you, take them to the splash pad at Edith Pettus Park. You may even indulge in the farmer’s market when you’re all wrapped up. You don’t want to miss out on any adventure, fun, or even food endeavor waiting for you.

Best Time to Visit Tennessee

The best time to visit Tennessee depends on your preferences and the type of activities you enjoy. Tennessee experiences a diverse climate, with four distinct seasons. Here’s a brief overview of each season:

  1. Spring (March to May):
    • Spring is a popular time to visit, as temperatures are mild, ranging from 50°F to 70°F (10°C to 21°C).
    • Blooming flowers and trees make it a picturesque season.
    • Outdoor activities such as hiking and exploring the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are enjoyable during this time.
  2. Summer (June to August):
    • Summers in Tennessee are warm and can be humid, with temperatures ranging from 70°F to 90°F (21°C to 32°C).
    • This is a great time for water-related activities, such as boating on the lakes or visiting water parks.
    • Music festivals and outdoor events are common during the summer months.
  3. Fall (September to November):
    • Fall is a popular time for visitors, thanks to the beautiful changing colors of the leaves in the Great Smoky Mountains.
    • Temperatures range from 50°F to 70°F (10°C to 21°C), making it a comfortable time for outdoor activities.
    • The fall foliage is especially vibrant in October.
  4. Winter (December to February):
    • Winters in Tennessee are relatively mild, but the mountainous regions may experience colder temperatures and occasional snow.
    • If you enjoy winter sports like skiing or snowboarding, the colder months might be appealing.
    • Lower tourist traffic during winter can make it a quieter time to explore attractions.

Ultimately, the best time to visit Tennessee depends on your interests and the activities you plan to pursue.

Final Words

If you’re in Tennessee, there is much for you to do. Tennessee is a bountiful state with many cities for you to explore. You can enjoy nature coupled with beauty and relish the fresh air. Tennessee is also a perfect representation of the southern charm. You’ll feel welcomed and loved while you’re here. Nothing beats good old southern meals that are deeply enriched in flavor and leave your taste buds singing. Another enjoyable treat of Tennessee is the cultural and historical sites that make the state what it is.