The Complete Guide to Wedding Photography Styles

When it comes to weddings, each couple has their own particular vision. From the decor to the dresses, no two couples will have the same concept. Similarly, each wedding photographer has their own approach. Knowing ahead of time whatever style best suits you and your spouse is a great method to identify an excellent gold coast wedding photographer.

What Are the Different Types of Wedding Photography?

From candids to classics, learn all you need to know about wedding photography styles before choosing a photographer.

Having a wedding photographer is vital, and the options are endless. When else can you spend money on amazing photographs? Let’s get back to fundamentals to help you discover what you’re searching for. Wedding photography is classified into three types: reportage photography, traditional photography, and contemporary wedding photography. Whether you choose to save money or splurge, your wedding images will be one of the few tangible reminders of your special day, and you want them to be spectacular! So, let’s figure out which style would work best for you and your wedding theme.

Contemporary Photography

Fashion photography inspires contemporary, fashion, editorial, and creative style. Modern wedding photography includes some staged photos, but they are more casual since the photographer is searching for interesting lighting and perspectives. While magnificent, some images may be more about the photographer’s vision and aesthetic position than the atmosphere of the day or the couple as people – which may or may not be what you are looking for!

Traditional Photography

Traditional Brisbane wedding photography, also known as posed, conventional, or classic photography, was the most common type of wedding photography until the digital age when both photographers and married couples ceased caring about film expenses. The conventional method emphasises posing the team and the group as a whole and requires a lot of instruction from the photographer as well as time from the bridal party. It may not capture the entire day’s emotions, but it will provide you with some stunning conventional photos to enjoy forever.

When looking through wedding photo albums, you’ll notice that there are a lot of classic photos. These are often traditional and staged, such as group photographs of the couple with their entourage and family, cake cutting and wine toasting, and the pair’s first kiss as husband and wife. Even though photographers have been using this method for decades, both shooters and clients agree that it is the greatest way to get “highlight images” of the day as well as timeless photos of the couple’s friends and family.

This approach often necessitates the photographer to guide, direct, and pose the bridal party for shots. As a result, the photographer must first develop experience and become comfortable in command. However, to acquire more precious photographs, it is also necessary to capture true and unguarded moments.

Reportage Photography

Reportage photography, commonly known as documentary or journalistic photography, is not a novel method. Nonetheless, it has become popular in the realm of wedding photography in recent years. This style of photographer seeks to chronicle your special day unobtrusively while creating a story. While this will produce breathtaking photographs and true emotion, brought to life by the photographer’s artistic vision, this style of wedding photographer is typically more than ready to do formal photos as well. However, it is worthwhile to enquire about your selected photographer’s perspective regarding conventional photos.

Other Types Of Photography

Photojournalistic Wedding Photography

Even as novices, many wedding photographers use another popular photography style: wedding photojournalism. This style, which is frequently merged with traditional wedding photography in Brisbane, is similar to reportage and documentary shooting in that the shooter takes a more informal approach to narrate the story of the day.

This wedding photography method requires a lot of imagination, as well as tremendous expertise in swiftly aiming, altering camera settings, framing, and shooting as moments occur around the photographer. Aside from that, photographers will need to blend in, often using a telescopic lens, to catch candid moments from a distance swiftly.

Illustrative Wedding Photography

Illustrative wedding photography emphasises composition, lighting, and backdrop, and is frequently utilised for pre-nuptial photoshoot sessions. This style is an interesting combination of traditional and photojournalistic wedding photography since the couple is urged to pose “candidly” in an often scenic venue.

Illustrative wedding photography frequently necessitates considerable knowledge of landscape photography, the use of wide-angle lenses, and, on occasion, aerial photography. Once you’ve mastered them, you’ll need to learn how to calm your subjects and lead them to produce more natural-looking situations for the camera.

Natural Wedding Photography

Natural wedding photography, which is frequently combined with other techniques, is capturing images with natural light rather than using your camera flash or other artificial light sources. The outcome is more realistic, but it’s typically better for outdoor weddings after sunrise and before sunset, or anytime during the day when the light isn’t too strong to avoid unsightly shadows on the subjects’ faces. However, the photographer must be quite skilful in dealing with shadows and other lighting challenges.

So, which one is your dream wedding style?

Here’s a pro tip: if you want to save money on wedding photography, ask your photographer about wedding videography packages.