Enjoy a good time in a fun business and organize an unusual tournament. Games are important not only for children but also for adults because they can make us stronger. It’s also a great way to help new friends on the team than stay alone on the wall all night long. We have chosen 9 popular games to make you happy. In our article, you will find a wide range of entertainment, intelligence, and physical flexibility.


twister gameTwister’s fascinating enjoyment will give you a reason to laugh at your friends’ attitudes and play sports because during the game you have to bend, reach out and try to keep the color. Surround yourself and try to keep your balance.

Game Play:

The presenter twists a special arrow and asks each player a specific position (for example, the left hand is placed on a green circle, right foot on a yellow circle, etc.). The winner is the player who can take a seat after all major orders. If the player touches the surface of the room in the wrong place, he automatically leaves the game.

Crime Scene:

crime scene gameThe development test of wisdom and imagination is a variant of the popular game “Danetka.”

Game Play:

The moderator describes every situation (primarily robbery or murder) and uses logic and imagination to try to understand what happened. The key to the solution is always the task itself.

How to Play:

1) The man’s body was found in the middle of the desert when a backpack was scattered. This man is completely healthy and does not suffer from hunger or dehydration. What is he dead? Answer: The solution lies in a parachute backpack, a poor man who died because the parachute is not open.

2) The server’s body was found in the middle of the supermarket. The man was not attacked, and he did not die from the disease. Along that is only one sign. What happened? Answer: You have noticed the logo labeled “wet floor” in the store. Of course, the guard slid on the wet ground and hit him when he fell.

3) A man murdered in a mysterious environment was found near the stadium. His body has no obvious scars. The detectives saw a ball nearby. What happened?


mafia gameWhen it comes to games in big companies, many people remember to conquer the “mafia” around the world and have won many fans. To play as an intelligence detective, you need a number of special tickets that you can buy online or sign up for yourself. You can also create your card templates and order their prints in any version. Well, if the above options do not suit you, choose the most common cards and organize your role with your friends. For example, the summit is the mafia. The top is the mafia’s boss. The heart is the doctor, the heart’s king is the commissioner and so on. To prevent players from monitoring each other, it is recommended to wear a mask or bandage as soon as the city falls asleep.

Game Play:

Three conditions are conditional on the game: the Mafia, Fred Burger, and Maniac. The goal of the mafia is to kill the player at night and release him during the day. The purpose of the citizens is to find and execute the mafia. Crazy – a master who kills everyone without discrimination.

How to Play:

The game is divided into intervals – day and night. The first day, the host shared the card players, then came the first night. The first night (the organizing team), the players have come and told him their role. The Mafia knows each other and knows who has the role of manager. Fortunately, all the players are awake. The moderator briefly presented the events that took place last night. For example: “The attack of the underworld, but the commissioner visitors scared gangster Crazy brutally taunted another victim the night, but the doctor was able to save the poor man ..” Can count an opponent. Then vote for each player to play on behalf of the candidate. To thoroughly examine the case and the suspects, you can calculate the mafia as they are usually consistent in the daily poll.

Black Box:

black box game“Black Box” is a game “What? Where?” Instead of the classic black box, you use a black box. The special thing about the game is that all the questions and answers are frivolous: they are related to gender, alcohol consumption, etc. You will not hear it in the television broadcast version of these questions.

Game Play:

The advisor asks questions about objects in the black box. After one minute, the player must answer this question. Incidentally, it is not necessary to use a black box, it may be conditional.


crocodile gameYou all know the game “Crocodile,” where a participant shows discreetly hidden words in a group of players hard to guess. Opposite the “crocodile” the rules are somewhat different.

Game Play:

Bring an unsuspecting victim and make him a “strip dance.” The other participants are already familiar with the hidden words, and the flow is … they do not recommend it. To name the desired word, force the player to dance the striptease. But after removing 2-3 things, the victim (through the laughter of others) began to realize she was framed. In “Crocodile” in two settings, the moderator told members of the board, but the victim knew the program further and organized a fun striptease game. He used to use as much as possible or choose interesting underwear.

Word for Word:

word for word gameThis is an online game which you can play with your friends. From this list of word for word is the simplest game and can be played online. Not too much difficult but still a brain game. The best part is that you can create a board and can share words with friends cheat board. Indeed, this is the best easy to play with crazy friends.

Game Play:

You can create a unique game id and find your game anytime. You can share that id with your friends, and your friends can also play from that id (the same game). It has 15 rows and 15 columns. You can choose your game level. If you think you have done a lot of mistakes, then you can clear all the tables and start over. This is a simple game you have to use your brain and you are done. It seems like this game is not interesting, but once you started playing, then you will spend hours on it.


litball game“Litball” is a mature game like “who drinks Who.” Historians say his various counterparts existed for centuries throughout the world. Those who have tried to suppress their opponents appeared when a man found an alcoholic drink. They said the game was especially held by the ancient Greeks and Peter I. The popular people are popular in the CIS countries. “Drag drunk” instead of black and white concepts, use vodka and cognac or glasses with light and dark beer glasses When you “eat” the opposite inspector, drink glass contents and remove the plate. More advanced players prefer full chess. For a party with marked glasses, you draw the outline of the room.

Game Play:

You need plastic balls, tables, table tennis, and beer. A lot of beer. Participants are divided into two groups. The judge threw beer in the glass, evenly placed them on both sides of the table and arranged triangle cups. The participants must again put the ball in the opponent’s glass. If the ball is placed in the glass, the player drinks beer into the empty glass empty container of the table and throws it right again. The winning team is the most accurate, destroying all enemy glasses. Warning: Students’ favorite entertainment can lead to alcoholism. We recommend using smaller glasses to prevent future intentional liver pain.

Who am I?

who am i gameThis game has many names, and you are sure to know it. She received special support after the release of the movie “The Disgraceful Bastard.”

Game Play:

Each participant writes a name for the sticker (literary character, movie hero or real character). The book is distributed to the player (the player cannot see the text of his work) and is attached to the forehead. By asking the other participants, the player must guess his role. The question can only answer “yes” or “no.”

Keeper of Mystery:

This test will allow you to test your hearing and compete with the reflection rate.

Game Play:

One of the players (missing the current round) gave the owner a familiar opinion, saying or saying. The moderator reports the number of words in a given sentence. The player must guess the sentence by asking the moderator as many questions as there are words in the sentence. The questions and answers can be absolute. However, each answer can only contain one sentence and must contain a word for the sentence.