Indian Jewelry Designers To Know

The design and concept of a particular jewelry are very important in expressing a women’s personality and style. There is a lot of creativity and curiosity that one needs to design a meaningful and a beautiful piece of jewellery.

India a rich country filled with traditions, rituals and jewelry that have a very important place in the day to day life. Some of the popular fine jewelry pieces that women own include a diamond necklace, bangles, nose ring, mangalsutra, bangles, earrings, and rings.

In this article, I’ll share with you artistic Indian jewellery designers, their unique designs and artistic expression. So without further adieu let’s get started.

1. Roopa Vora :roopa-voraRoopa Vohra is a jewelry designer who is known for designing some exquisite pieces of jewelry. She started her brand in 1997 in an attempt to revive the art form called Thewa that involves intricately cut gold sheets embossed on molten glass. Ropa Vora got interested in the Thewa art when she came across a book at the National Museum of India that mentioned gold work on the glass. She instantly fell in love with this jewelry making process.

Shewa was not only a beautiful art form but also a sweet spot for her. Roopa had been working with these two different mediums. For Roopa, designing is a very intrinsic part of her life. She believes in keeping things natural and being herself.  Her designs are deeply inspired by Indian traditions with a modern twist. Her jewels are loved by the younger generation that loves tasteful contemporary jewelry in a classic style.

2. Nirav Modi : nirav-modiNirav Modi was born in India to a family of diamond traders. He was raised in Antwerp, Belgium and then lived in the United States for higher education. He had is the first diamond company in 1999 but it was 2010 when things really took off for him when he created his luxury brand that has under the name “Nirav Modi”.

Nirav specializes in luxury diamond jewelry for an international audience. He is successful in the diamond business and his jewels stand out because of his unique cuts that shine more than most diamonds.

All the jewelry at Nirav Modi is handmade. He uses the minimum amount of metal so that the diamonds really sparkle and shine. While the designs may be inspired by Indian culture the manufacturing is a very much in line with the twenty-first century.

He has invented four unique diamond cuts namely the Endless cut, Jasmine cut, The Ainra cut, and Mughal cut. This is what makes his jewelry extremely unique and it is impossible to find anywhere else.

3. Farah Khan Ali :

farah-ali-khanFarah Khan Ali is one of my personal favorite. Her work is inspired by a lot of flora and fauna and animal life. She takes that inanimate thought and captures it into a 3-D beautiful fine jewelry.

Farah has been creating beautiful designs for last 23 years. She loves to add as many gemstones as she can in her pieces. Her style is bold and distinct. She belongs to a family of Bollywood movie stars thus you’ll quite often find stars wearing her jewelry at Red Carpet events. She says, “She doesn’t love to design, she lives to design”.

4. Varuna D Jani : varuna-janiThe Mumbai-based designer, who is born into the Popley family of jewelers, remembers designing jewelry for fun when she was just eight.

She created a thesis of adornologist and registered herself as the only adornologiest of the world. Adornologist has the science than just the art.

Jewelry is exactly same as what a frame does to a picture, this is exactly what a jewelry does to women, it actually frames the face right.

She thinks that there are three D’s that are important in everyone’s like in being successful desire, drive and determination.

She invented and patented VOW collection (Very own Wish)  it’s basically modular jewelry that you can wear in many ways.

5. Poonam Soni :poonam-soniPoonam Soni is a leading jewelry designer known for her bold, colorful and unique designs. The term “Luxury” in jewelry industry means one-of-a-kind bespoke pieces that are custom designed for women. Poonam started her career in 1989. She has three signature boutiques in Mumbai, New York, and Paris.

Poonam is inspired by the architecture and places she visits. They way she differentiates her designs is that she doesn’t follow a set pattern. She thinks of jewelry as a creation of a design and that it can have anything.

Poonam Soni Jewelry is more multidimensional, colorful, red carpet, statement style. She is a jeweler for collectors. One of her goals are to create a body of work that will help entrepreneurs in the jewelry get access to important resources.  Poonam strongly believes in the “Make in India” movement.

6. The House of Rose : purnima-shethA force behind the House of Rose, Purnima Sheth fondly refers to the brand as her third daughter. Her passion and love for the jewelry business have made the Rose Group one of the most stupendous names in the Industry.

This Mumbai based jewelry house is a brand that illustrates the story of its sparkling success through a collection of 35 eye-catching creations – balas, cuffs, necklaces and ornate earrings.

These elaborate designs that create a lasting impression, while giving jewelry enthusiast a dose of eye-catching splendor.

Each of her jewels celebrates beauty and craftsmanship, inspired by the rich cultural heritage of India.

7. Nitya Arora :

nitya-aroraValliyan is one of India’s first luxury fashion jewelry labels founded in 2008 by Nitya Arora.

Nitya is an artist at heart and has always loved to look at beautiful things and try to recreate it in her own way in the form of jewelry. She loves to play with color and form.  Growing up in Mumbai she was inspired by the Art deco architecture. He works mainly includes gold plated metal semi-precious stones, glass, crystals, metals acrylic, wood and rare materials. Her designs are made for modern women relevant in today’s world that exude the charm of bygone eras.

I hope you enjoyed learning about these inspiring fine jewelry designers of India.  Each one of them has a unique style of their own. The design is an expression of one’s emotion and a desire to make the world more beautiful. All these designers we discussed have something to offer to all the jewelry lovers.

Let us know in the comments who is your favorite and what you love about them.

Author Bio: Jinal Sampat is jewelry designer at Sampat Jewellers. Her focus is on innovation and creation of jewelry pieces that are meaningful and hold long-term value. She creates versatile designs with Indo-Western elements. Jinal holds her graduate degree from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).  You can find her on  Instagram.