Everything Your Company Needs For an Amazing Leisure Room

Regular breaks are an important part of every productive day at work. They allow the employees to collect themselves and their thoughts, disrupt a cycle of stress and reclaim a productive pattern. It is your job as a business owner to create an environment best suited for them to do so.

Consider the size

The size of your company’s leisure room depends on the size of your business, that is, the number of employees. There should be enough space for everyone on a break to relax or enjoy an activity. Professional designers are able to estimate the size of the space required for a certain number of people.

Furthermore, for future convenience, the leisure room is meant to be big enough to accommodate an office party. It will be preferred by all, over having to mingle with people between the desks or renting a venue. This way you will be able to stay on a budget and organize the parties more frequently.

Create a leisure bubble

Finding the right spot for your leisure room plays a significant role. The staff will visit the room in order to step away from their desks and forget that they are at work for at least a short period of time. This is why you should make the room completely isolated from the rest of your office.

Make the office invisible to those who are in the room and vice versa. The last thing you want to do is let those stressed out with work watch others play, or those playing feeling guilty about not working.

Include a variety of areas

Think about different ways your employees like spending their breaks. Some people like relaxing in a comfortable chair while chit-chatting with their colleagues. Others may enjoy laying around, isolated from everyone else and enjoying the peace and quiet. Also, there are those who like blowing off the steam of a stressful day by focusing on playing games or sports.

The break room you design is supposed to have enough space for all of the categories above. You should have a playroom, a comfortable lounge area, and a peaceful oasis combined in one.

Include sports and games

Not all businesses can afford to fit a game court into their leisure room. This is really a shame, as there are people who relax through physical activities. Exercising can help your staff feel energized and relieve stress. One of the less aggressive sports which does not necessarily take up a lot of space is golf. Even though in its miniature version it does not provide as much exercise, it is known to have a therapeutic effect.

Games, on the other hand, are easy to fit in any room. You can include video games, a pool table, a foosball table, darts, or a selection of board games. Anything that can playfully engage the minds of your employees and take them away from their workload is welcome.

Offer refreshments

Apart from attractive offices and employee benefits packages, what truly makes an employee feel pampered is the little perks you have prepared for them. There is no reason why you cannot include a self-service bar in the break room and provide refreshments such as coffee, tea, juice, their favorite sodas etc.

Adding food to the offer will be time-saving for your employees. Whether you choose to provide some basic options free of charge or you decide to charge for it, the employees will appreciate the convenience of it. If you include food, do not forget those with specific diets and those who like healthy food.

Create a relaxing environment

Regardless of the ways your staff like to relax, a leisure room, or a break room is meant to provide the most comfortable environment for doing so. Consider natural influencers such as light, air quality, and temperature.

Since you have different areas where different activities take place, perhaps different conditions may be required. This is difficult to achieve within a single room. If you think it will not disrupt the space, you can install glass barriers in some areas. Particularly to separate the quite space from the rest of the room. Airconditioner Sales are a good option for getting several separate AC units to provide most suitable conditions for different areas of a large leisure room.

Mind the design

Each of the areas should be decorated and furnished according to its purpose. The peaceful area should involve the relaxing colors and a lot of daylight and greenery. The playroom part should burst with colors. If you do not want to make it too aggressive or tacky, you can use simple accents to energize the space. The lounge area can go either way.

A general idea is that the design and décor of the leisure room should depict a lifestyle which your brand promotes. Use your company’s colors to create a theme.

The furniture should satisfy those who like sitting up straight, as well as those who like leaning back. Make sure that it does not take up too much space and does not make it look cluttered. Clutter can be very stressful for some.

Apart from all the right things, a leisure room should have a personal touch. Ask your employees what it is they want to do or have during their brakes and allow them to personalize the space. After all, it is intended for them.