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MMO strategy games continue to attract new players over the years. They have a timeless appeal that makes them among the top choices for players across demographics. Of course, they have evolved with the passing of time as they adopt trends and new technologies. In 2018, which MMO strategy games can be considered as the most exciting options to consider?

Sparta: War of Empires

An exciting MMO video game set in the Fifth Century BC when Greece was shrouded by turmoil and threatened by Xerxes, the strategy game Sparta: War of Empires immerses players in an engaging world of ancient politics and diplomacy. Not many dare defy Xerxes, and so the people seek a hero who has the guts and astuteness to bring the Greeks in unity to fight the giant Persian Empire.

Sparta: War of Empires features exciting gameplay that requires a lot of decisive thinking as a player takes the role of a leader, diplomat, and strategist. The plot includes the player seeking guidance from King Leonidas and support from the Spartan Army. The player needs to establish and train an army strong enough to overwhelm adversaries. The player also needs to use smarts in expanding a city, conquering new territories, forging alliances, and engaging enemies on the battlefield.


If you are fond of fast-paced DotA-like gameplay, Airmech would undoubtedly suit your taste. This 3D science fiction RTS game developed by Carbon Games impresses with its transforming mech theme. It features customizable mech aircraft (that fly of course!), which are not only capable of air battle. In this strategy based game, combat can also happen on the ground.

Airmech features solo (1v1) and cooperative (up to 3v3) game modes. The game’s graphics are not exactly the best out there, but it offers adrenaline-pumping excitement and fun for players of all ages. Unfortunately, this MMORTS game only works with Windows computers, through the Chrome browser and Steam.

Arena of Heroes

This fantasy MMO strategy game developed by Sneaky Games is a multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) game that comes with multiple play modes. It is a cross-platform turn-based combat game that does away with the typical reaction-based gameplay of most MOBA titles. In Arena of Heroes, the goal is to guide a team consisting of four “guardians” in destroying enemies referred to as the Power Core. These four “guardians,” controlled by one player (from opposing sides) at the same time, attack and use hero abilities, which entail the use of action points.

Arena of Heroes has more than a dozen playable heroes. They have a biweekly rotation schedule, which means players get to have a dry run with the newly available heroes before they decide to buy them. Players have the option to play either Classic Turns or Asynchronous Turns. In the former, each player has three minutes to decide on all of their actions for their respective turns. In the latter, players get three days to decide on how they play.

Atlas Reactor

Created by Trion Worlds, Atlas Reactor is a turn-based strategy game designed to develop quick decision making and skillful planning among players. It is a free-to-play game with Decision and Resolution modes and has MOBA elements infused in it. It is notable for its wide selection of characters and its complex 4v4 battles.

In Atlas Reactor, players may plan out their turns (in the Decision mode) by choosing their attacks, movements, and the special abilities they will use. They may also decide to instantly execute such moves (in Resolution mode) and quickly see the results, either they hit or miss the intended targets. The Resolution mode comes with four parts: Prep (the execution of special abilities), Dash (charging and dodging of attacks), Move, and Blast (the implementation of attacks).

Total War: Arena

A historical RTS game developed by Creative Assembly and published by SEGA, Total War: Arena is notable for its 10v10 battles that require excellent strategizing. In this game, a player takes on the role of a commander leading an ancient Roman, Greek, or Barbarian army. Each side gets 30 units to fight a 10v10 battle to capture the enemy’s base or completely obliterate the opponent.

Over time, a player gains more commander’s skills, which allow a player to gain the ability to issue more battle commands. These increased commander’s skills also enhance the capabilities of units as these units likewise accumulate experience that makes them better equipped on the battlefield. The increased experience level, moreover, enables the purchase of more skilled and higher tier units.

Brawl of Ages

If you prefer 1v1 battles and a Clash Royale type of gameplay, Brawl of Ages from BNA Studios is an excellent game to consider. Its free-to-play arena setup is unlike any other MMO game you would find elsewhere. It features competitive ranked matches as well as a “Smash Parties” feature, in which seven players can take turns playing a bigger brawl.

Basically, what you will be doing with Brawl of Ages is to prepare buildings and units that will be sent off to fight down two lanes. You then have to cast spells to bring out totems that will provide boosts for your units. You may then take out your opponent’s towers. Each match lasts for a three-minute period.

Battleline: Steel Warfare

Developed by Bandai Namco, Battleline: Steel Warfare is history-spanning tank roster game. It is a strategy MMO game with heavy allied system elements. To play, you have to choose from a roster of different tanks, based on real tanks produced and used in different wars in recorded history including ones from the WWI, Korean Wars, and of course WWII. It features various game modes and involves the forging of alliances with teams to win matches and conquer nations.

To win, it’s important to carefully strategize, strike with the right timing, and build alliances or teamwork with other players. Battleline may not have the best graphics and plot for a tank-themed MMO, but you can be sure that playing it is nothing less than exciting.

Certainly, the games featured above are not all of the exciting MMO games you can play in 2018. There are more options to play, but the ones briefly described above are undoubtedly some of the most exciting games you won’t regret giving a try.