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There are many reasons to hack your friends or family’s android phone. To start with, you may want to find out if your child is involved in malicious activities in school. It is also daunting to determine whether the type of entertainment or educational content that they are exposed to on the internet is appropriate.

If you are married or in a relationship, finding out if there are other lovers in the picture can save you from future heartaches. In other moments, you simply want to know what is happening in a company or social circles. Fortunately, you can do this effortlessly by using android hacking applications. Read on for details on the best apps to use.

The best hacking apps for rooted android include:


This is one of the android hacking applications that allow you to control a system without necessarily having a physical access. It is developed in Java android for the client’s end and swing for the server. The server connection is triggered via a call or SMS. You can send text messages, monitor messages, find out the location of a network, go through browser history, get compete data on contacts, stream sound from media, and check installed applications among other things.

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WhatsApp Sniffer

This app allows you to check the WhatsApp chats and shared videos among other things. You must disable your antivirus since it is easily detected. Remarkably, both Smartphone devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network and must be kept in the same place. The app will, therefore, work perfectly if you are spying on the activities of family members or workmates. You will get notifications when necessary. Still, the conversations are grouped together according to the phone numbers so you can easily scan though the information and take the necessary measures.

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Kill Wi-Fi

This has become one of most the popular android hacking applications because it allows people to cut off the Wi-Fi of the intruder in simple steps. It is helpful if you have not come up with a strong password, allowing other people to use the network freely. Besides the fact that the intruders may cause slow internet connections, they are also likely to hack into your systems. With this app, you will get details on their specific IP address and how much they are consuming Wi-Fi data. You can confront the intruder with this evidence or even decide to change your password.

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As one of the best hacking apps for rooted android, this app offers you a chance to scan a network with ease. Malicious activities can be detected by simulating an advanced attackers activities on a website or network. For instance, you will know the websites that use cookies and the motivation of using the tool. You will avoid future attacks in this process.

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Sometimes you may need android hacking applications to snoop into other people’s social media accounts such as Twitter or Facebook. This app steals cookies from a network, permitting you to get unauthorized access to other people’s accounts. It does not work for a person using SSL. Rooted phone is needed for the application to work.


This is one of the ideal hacking apps for android phones if you wish to find information on any unauthorized devices connected to a network and devices with open ports. You will have full knowledge on the vulnerabilities in your system. It works for both rooted and non-rooted devices.

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If you are looking for the best hacking apps for rooted android that helps you to achieve privacy and freedom on the internet, this is the product for you. You can easily hide your IP address by bouncing off a network’s communication. No one will monitor your activities unless you authorize it.

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This is one of the hacking apps for android phones that ensure that you get protection over your personal space. It uses the sensors on a device to monitor and protect personal space. You will detect sounds, light, vibrations and motions and other aspects that indicate that an intruder is accessing your information.

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Burp Suite

This app is the most appropriate security testing tool. You can engage in mapping, analysis of an attack surface, and an assessment of potential security threats.  Unlike many hacking apps for android phones, it has unlimited scalability and scheduled and repeat scans. This offers you more freedom and options in enhancing your online security levels.

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This is one of the many android hacking applications utilized by security professionals to conduct a denial of service (DOS) attack on sites and servers. It has incredible features that allow the attacker to destroy the victim’s computer and web servers. Because of its impact, the authorities will arrest and charge anyone found using it without authorization. Caution is therefore required.

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It is one of the best hacking apps for android phones because it helps you to hack into an android device and perform various functions including reconnaissance, security RSS feed, and exploits among other things. It can be used by ethical hackers, cyber security professionals, and IT administrators. You are not required to offer your private information to use it, which means you have the option of remaining anonymous in your hacking pursuits.

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This is the best hacking apps for rooted android that assists you to get sufficient information from phone calls, SMS, and network traffic among other places. You will also view the behavior of an android application package.  

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Sometimes all you wish to do is to unlock a device’s password to find the relevant data. This is the best hacking apps for android phones that ensure that this is achieved flawlessly. You connect your android phone to a victim’s phone through USB. It has an amazing download menu and as such, you can use the tool to download images of various operating systems from your Smartphone.

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Shark For Root

People working in offices find this to be one of the ideal android hacking applications because it enables them to track activities of other devices used by the employees of team members. It works for both Wi-Fi and 3G networks and helps you to see the dump on a device.

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Lucky Patcher

This is one of the incredible hacking apps for android phones in that it is designed to remove ads in your devices. You can modify application permissions and offer the necessary backups. You must have a rooted device if you want to use all the features.

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It is certain at this point that you have numerous android hacking applications to help you hack into other people devices. Besides monitoring your targeted person’s activities, you also have a chance to protect yourself from malicious activities from unknown sources. Most of the apps are offered freely. If you are not familiar with the technical details of the process, you can hire android app developers to help you through. They will not only advise you on the best options for you, but they are also trained to hire android app developers that suits your needs and preferences. Even so, you must investigate their level of experience and reputation for quality services.

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