Visa Applications

There are many steps you need to go through before your visa application receives approval. The decision of accepting or rejecting your application is for the state alone. You might want to appeal the decision, but you can’t insist that it is your right to enter the country.

In the UK, you need to follow the necessary steps before you will receive a visa. The requirements depend on each case, and the time it takes to get the results may also vary. Some applicants might have to visit the embassy or consulate for an interview. If you are planning to get a visa for the UK, you need to prepare well for the interview. These are the most common mistakes you need to avoid.

Being late

You need to be in the specified location on time. The office can only accommodate you at the given time. They need to interview hundreds of other visa applicants. Therefore, if you miss the chance because you were late, you can’t have the opportunity again. Be there a few minutes early to also give yourself time to relax.

Saying inappropriate response

Avoid being funny during the interview. Answer the questions appropriately to the best of your knowledge. You might ask other people who have had interviews before regarding the nature of the questions they received. Despite that, you might still receive questions you did not prepare for. It helps if you respond naturally and truthfully

Skipping or evading questions

You need to answer all the questions given to you. The immigration office will not ask irrelevant questions. Therefore, you can’t decide to say that you don’t want to answer a question. You also can’t evade it by giving an unrelated response. Worse, giving false information is illegal. It will not only affect your current visa application but other applications you might make in the future if you get caught. If you don’t know the answer to the question, you can be direct about it instead of lying

Inappropriate appearance

Think of this interview like a job interview. You need to present the best version of yourself. You are applying to enter another country, and they want to know if you deserve to be there. Wear formal attire, appropriate amount of perfume, and fix your hair. Avoid unnecessary accessories, an outfit with a plunging neckline, or clothes that make you feel uncomfortable. You need to have proper body posture during the interview. Avoid leaning back as it makes you feel too comfortable or even disengaged. Learning forward could also be a sign of being aggressive.

Being too nervous

It is understandable for you to feel nervous because you are facing someone you don’t know, and you will receive tough questions. You need to learn how to hide your fear and face the interviewer with confidence. Visible shaking, unstable eye contact and excessive use of hands are a sign that you are too nervous.

To help prepare you for this interview, you need top immigration lawyers. You can consult with them not only about the interview but the entire application process. You want to ensure that you will receive the visa, and getting quality legal advice is crucial.