Several reasons can prompt one to move from their motherland to seek asylum in another country. Wars, violence due to drug trafficking and aspiration for greener pastures have led to an influx of people into the United States. With the current administration’s policies on immigration, there are lots of uncertainties in the air about immigration. It is humanitarian to welcome people in need especially when they don’t interfere with your peace. Here are four facts that still stand about immigration in the US.

Know your status and associated terms

If you are not a US native then probably you are within the borders as a refugee or an asylum. There has been an upward trend of immigrant influx into the US. As such, there are moves by portions to limit the numbers. You need to know where you belong and your obligations as well as rights. It is a crucial weapon that will see you hold to your claims in whichever situation. There are expectations set for every category of immigrant, and you should try not to violate the rules. For instance, your terms as a student may be limited to studying and getting employment can cause mayhem.

The Asylum processes

America has over 11 million legal immigrants. This contrary to the notion in the public domain that most immigrants are illegally in the country and harmful to the economy. Immigrants can be adequately integrated into the system and become useful citizens.40% of the new fortune SMEs are set up by immigrants. There are two types of asylums; defensive or affirmative. Your situation may vary depending on your belonging. Before a migrant claim asylum, they must first undergo scrutiny to determine their credibility. An immigration judge will rule whether one is accepted or not. Presentations can be rejected, and deportation is imminent. However, with the help of immigration appeals lawyer in Pennsylvania, you can get a second chance.

Undocumented immigrants have the privilege of due process and protection

As of 2016, there were 10.7 million undocumented immigrants in the US. This mammoth of people has their cases on balance. They don’t know what awaits them tomorrow. However, they remain a significant part of the population and economy. As such, the US constitution allows them the privilege to be listened to in the immigration courts. They can opt to go the full stretch in seeking justice to be admitted into the states. During this time, they should get appropriate protection and counsel. It doesn’t matter whether you entered legally or illegally; you are in the supreme land of law.

It can get complicated at times

The immigration process in the United States is quite cumbersome, and you can give up on following. Several challenges will dampen your heart in the registration process. Long backlogs, multi-layered legislations, and long durations before response are some of the hurdles you will have to walk through. It is prudent to know your options from the start and counter the limitations accordingly. You can have a partner in the form of the appeal law firm in this tedious journey. As such, your winning probabilities just got higher.