Australia is not just a beautiful continent having wide open green spaces, miles of sandy beaches, kangaroos, clean environment and modern society; in fact, it is also one of the best destinations for higher studies.

Students from across the globe are choosing Australia for higher studies. Every year thousands of students enrol in Australian institutes for higher studies and training. The excellent education system, good universities and colleges and a high standard of living are just some of the reasons why students prefer Australia.

Cities like Melbourne, Sydney, Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, and Northern Territory are some of the favourite destinations where you can find students from every part of the globe.

To study in Australia, you need to apply for a Student Visa Subclass 500. With the student visa 500 you can participate in an eligible course of study in Australia. Also, you can travel in and out of Australia for as long as your visa is valid.

Another perk of visa subclass 500 is that it allows students to work up to 40 hours every 2-week period once the course you have applied for starts. This means you can study as well as earn, so that you can pay your fees and get some experience too.

The Student Visa Subclass 500 is a temporary visa for up to 5 years for the purpose of full-time study at an educational institution. The type of course chosen by you and its length will determine the length of your stay in Australia.

To be eligible to apply for the student visa in Australia, you must have received ammigration lawyer  full-time study offer from an Australian education institution. It is one of the most important student visa 500 requirements as you will have to provide your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) in your application.

Every year, several students apply for student visa subclass 500, but all are not lucky. Many students do not get their student visa 500 by the Department of Home Affairs. This happens due to lack of proper knowledge and submission of documents that are needed by the Department of Home Affairs.

To make sure your student visa subclass 500 does not get rejected, take help from an expert immigration lawyer or visa lawyer. Migration lawyers have clear knowledge about student visa 500 requirements and they assist you in getting all the documents and applying from the visa. At Migration Lawyer Perth, you can find best migration lawyers and they can help you get your student visa in Australia.

A visa lawyer will take care of important factors to restrict the student visa subclass 500 refusal. Such seven important factors include:

Adequate Information

One of the major reasons behind the student visa subclass 500 refusal is insufficient information provided by the applicant. There are several documents that you need to submit and if you fail to do so, the Department of Home Affairs will surely reject your application.

For every statement you are making you need to submit a proof in the form of documents.

An immigration lawyer has proper knowledge of the documents and will make sure that the papers are submitted while you apply for the student visa 500.

Correct Information

All the information provided by you should be correct and up-to-date. In case the information or claims made in the application are found false by the Department of Home Affairs, the student visa subclass 500 will be refused.

In some case, the applicant can also be charged with visa fraud on the basis of wrong information provided. This can break the dream of coming to Australia and studying here completely.

Health Checkups

One of the student visa 500 requirements is good health of the applicant.

Department of Home Affairs ask applicants to get tested for HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis or Hepatitis before the visas are issued. So, the applicants must get these health checkups done and submit necessary documents as a proof of their good health.

Inability to meet the health requirements will mean you visa is not getting approved.

English Language Proficiency

Before you decide to study in Australia and apply for Student Visa Subclass 500, make sure you have a good command for the English language, which is the main language for communication in Australia.

The Department of Home Affairs need evidence from the applicants regarding their English language proficiency.

For non-native English speaker applicants, IELTS, PTE or TOFEL certificates are required as a proof of English language skills by the Department of Home Affairs. However, applicants who have English as their first language does not need to submit any kind of proof.

Clean Character

An applicant must have a good character to ensure the student visa 500 subclass gets approved.  Chances are high to get visa rejected if the applicant has been involved in the crimes or cacophony in the past.

Abide to the law and policies of government to get your visa approved.

Financial Support 

One of the student visa 500 requirements to get it approved is proof of financial support. Lack of financial support proof can lead to student visa 500 refusals.

The Department of Home Affairs need proof in the form of documents that clearly highlights financial stability. The supporting can be from the home country or from a person who is granted visa for Australia.

The visa application may get rejected if the applicant failed to meet this requirement.

Take Help

The student visa 500 requirements are too many and sometimes it is best to get professional help. You can take help of an immigration lawyer or visa lawyer a thorough knowledge of government and Department of Home Affairs requirements.

Migration lawyers will aid in the paper works and make sure nothing is left out while you apply for student visa in Australia or student visa in Perth.

At Migration Lawyers Perth, there are best migrations lawyers who can provide comprehensive immigration assistance for student visa 500 which includes filing applications and petitions and help you arrange all the supporting documents for submission.