Everything You Need To Know About F4 Visa

F4 Visa is a section of the type of visa called the Family Preference Visa for all US immigrants who wish to reunite with their family; it can be your siblings, children, spouse, etc. The time varies from 1-10 years; the latter can be said to have a little possibility.

Also, there are several rules and regulations that he or she will need to abide by for the smooth conduction of the process, listed below are primary information one needs to gather while applying for this visa.


The first and foremost aspect of maintaining is age. If you’re a minor that is aging below 21 years, you will be prohibited from applying, also for bringing in the people you need to be a US citizen who is currently having a permanent address in the US. Next, you’ll need to have authentic documents like birth certificates or in personal cases, adoption documents to prove the fact that you have genuine relations in the foreign.

Among the other documents you have to submit unexpired passports of both you and your associates’, Forms I-864 and DS-260, all authentic medical documents, required number of photographs, police and court clearance, if married previously, documents for the termination of the same, and military records.


The procedure is a bit tiresome, but to avoid added confusion, AG Law is always there to help you out. The significant steps of the process are getting hold of an approved petition, i.e. form I-130 for the US citizen so that the associate can apply to the US consulate in their home country, then comes the application of form DS-260 for everyone involved.

Next comes in fulfilling the medical examinations, and then comes submission of supportive documents, lastly before receiving the NVC packet and leaving for US applicants will have to be successful in an interview with the US embassy.

Visa Fees:

Several fees have to be paid during the entire process. They are namely form filing fee, medical examination and the vaccination payments, the processing fee, a certain amount for gathering the needful documents, and then lastly comes the USCIS Immigrant Fee. You will have to pay this once you have the visa. Without clearing this payment, you won’t be allowed to travel or apply for a green card in the US.


Once your associates come over to the country, he or she can decide to live there. They can also get admitted into any educational institutes without any hassle. Moreover, they can also choose to work along for a living. And the best part is unlike the conventional rules; they will not need an Employment Authorization Document.

For getting into a job, they will only need a Social Security Number. And the most important is that being an F4 visa holder, you can reach out to any medical assistance in times of need.

Priority Date:

This is a crucial thing to keep in mind. There are specific dates that are considered as the priority date. Your application will move forward only if you stand in the current priority date in chronological order.

In case your date according to the columns of the application exceeds a couple of years, then you’ll get yours in the next coming year. Before applying, check the provided bulletin for choosing the priority date.

Once all the stages have been convincingly overcome, you become ready for the travel, in case something goes wrong, the application will be refused for you to rectify the mistake and start all over again. So, one must be very careful.